A Big Change





IT ALL STARTED WHEN WE WERE LIVING IN SWITZERLAND… (click here to start ‘from the beginning’)



I’ve finally made the big change I was thinking about for so long….

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, either here or on my other website, The Moksi Homes.

After 4 years, I’ve decided to stop writing on this blog, Daydream Living blog by Maureen, and only continue blogging over at The Moksi Homes.  One of the reasons is that I want to spend my time more efficiently on & off line. I still like to blog, but I have to say that with the rise of social media choices, it’s been harder to divide my time and still enjoy it all.

This sweet little blog of mine, my Daydream Living blog, will stay open, so you can enjoy reading almost 4 years of posts.

so yes, new and exciting times are ahead!

If you want, you can find me either at my Instagram account, @the.moksi.homes, where you will find updates on a daily basis. Or perhaps I will see you over at The Moksi Homes website?

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!

Maureen xx


Photo inspiration


backside of A Beautiful Mess photo book – great inspiration!


Hello, Hello!

Today I had the creative side of my brain doing happy dances – I was reading and writing and thinking, I love it when inspiration comes to visit my brain again!

One of the books I was reading is the photo idea book from A Beautiful Mess. Love how these two sisters are doing their own thing. If you are not familiar with them, have a look at their blog {here}. 

The book focuses on photography and is full of tips; great if you want to take better photo’s. 

They also have their own app to beautify the pictures on your phone. 



I always snap photo’s of my girls and what’s going on in our life, they love me lurking around capturing their every silly moment…. I’m the house paparazzi!

If photography is not really your thing, no worries, A Beautiful Mess also has great inspiration covering crafts, recipes, fashion, decor and beauty as well.

To see more of my daily pictures, join me over at Instagram. You will find me under @daydreamliving @the.moksi.homes happily snapping away.

Enjoy the weekend!


Maureen xx


“I couldn’t help but wonder…”


Handmade in Dubai – Love hanger with name in Arabic


Today is “Love You Day” – that’s how my youngest named Valentines Day. I like the sound of this better actually. Even if it’s just a change of words, they speak loud & clear.

What is it that makes some words, either spoken or written, stay lingering inside your head? Some words you just forget within moments. Not to be remembered anymore. But sometimes, words written in the right order, spoken in just the right tone, can make you stop and think.

Last week I was watching some old episodes of one of my favourite series, SATC. The Girls were talking and laughing and being their usual selves. I’ve seen all the episodes many times but the words can still make me laugh, think, and even choke up (again). How powerful they are, words. In my eyes, the writers behind the show truly created some TV magic.

In one particular episode, 3 words were key players. Sweet as they can be, they were written in chocolate on a cookie. A big one. Three little words, one big impact on a relationship. They usually mark the beginning of a new and wonderful time. But in that episode, they were the beginning of the end. (And if you – like me – are a Big Fan, you already know what the words are, right?)

I. Love. You.

3 simple, yet powerful words. And since today is “Love You Day”,

I couldn’t help but wonder…

How are you going to say these 3 words to your loved ones?

If nothing comes to mind, or you don’t want to say them out loud, you can always write them on a card.

Or on a cookie.

Have a lovely Love You Day!

Maureen xx


* For the non-fans: SATC is short for Sex and the City – The title is Carrie’s classic way of starting a sentence in many episodes – The Cookie was Robert’s gift to Miranda.

* The name in the photo, written in Arabic is Marielle (Jongmans), “our” Dutch marriage officiant, who we just Love! 


Enjoy the little moments



*Iphone photo’s from the last 2 weeks* Instagram message – condolence flowers – quote to remember – sweet message from Tammy – My Amsterdam – flying back Home – Enjoying the little moments in life; blooming flowers & sitting quietly on the beach*


in 2 weeks, a lot can change.

From the outside, everything stays the same. The house, the daily routine, even my smile looks the same. But of course, it’s not all the same anymore.

Since my dad passed away, life has been hectic and surreal calm at the same time.  Now we are only 5 days back in Dubai but Amsterdam and all the sad things from these last 2 weeks, seems like a long time ago. Although it was a sad reason to go, being with Family and Friends always warms my heart. Funny how Life has a way of making you stop in your tracks and really makes you Think, no?

Making me more aware, to be more aware (does this make sense?)

Anyhoo,  the best way to handle these emotions, for me, is to Continue & Enjoy the Little Moments, even more than I already did. I want to say Thank You again to all of you who supported me in different ways these weeks.

* – *



So, to start Enjoying these little things in life, I just sat on the beach and watched the people walking by. The sea has a natural healing power if you just sit still and listen to the sounds of the waves. For me, sitting by the sea was one of these moments of Joy. 

The other day, I bought Dutch flowers here in Dubai. They reminded me of the days living in Amsterdam, where I just walked around a corner and could buy beautiful flowers (and didn’t cost me a fortune).  Do what makes you happy, right? For me, seeing my flowers slowly blooming is just what I need.

I will see you soon, either here, on Instagram or over at The Moksi Homes.

Maureen xx







This week has been a hard one for me.

My dad has passed away.

For the people who sent me their support,

Thank You.

I read them all, on Instagram, emails or whatsapp.

I’m still in Amsterdam and I will be back online end of this week.



My little corner




Hello, Goedemorgen, Bonjour and Hi!

2014 has started with the four of us watching the HUGE fireworks in our pj’s. It couldn’t have started better for me, I loved staying at home this holiday!

It’s already day 13 in this new year and I haven’t been back to this little corner of mine in Blog land. I hope 2014 has started good for you as well?

This past week was a busy one for me, to say the least.

If you are just tuning in, I started another website this week, The Moksi Homes, so my life at the moment is busy again. Well, since moving to Dubai my life has not stopped spinning.

It’s been a great journey so far for us and I’m taking it all in.

The tricky part for me now, is to find a new balance with my two girls, one husband, many family & friends near and far, two blogs and many ideas and stories to share.

But to make things clear: this is still going to be my personal blog.

My little corner. Where I can happily chat away.

In the mean time, you can also find me on a daily basis over at Instagram, @daydreamliving.


The Moksi Homes is a new project, which is near and dear to me.

It’s the lifestyle we as a family are living and I have met so many other women with the same lifestyle and interests, that sharing this on the new site is truly great! And I’m not alone, there are great Guest Bloggers sharing their stories as well. There are Moksi Women letting us have a look into their homes and others into their business.  I can only say how HAPPY it makes me, thinking that I had one little idea and boom! 9 months later there is a website and dreams to be turned into reality!

So, if you want to read more about me & The Moksi Homes, have a look {HERE}.

For now, stay warm if you are in one of those freezing colds and I will see you soon!


Maureen x


{visit me over at The Moksi Homes}

The day before Christmas

IMG_7994*Wall art in Bookmunch Cafe Dubai*


It’s the day before Christmas and I see a warm shining sun instead of a cold winter day.

We are staying in Dubai this year, just the four of us. It’s a nice change to our normally very busy and hectic schedule in Amsterdam. We always celebrate the Winter Holidays in Amsterdam with our families and friends, but since we had a very busy year, it’s really a good thing for us.

Having some family time is important, because once January turns into week 2, the alarm goes of again at 6.15am and we are back in a school/work routine. So I’m enjoying this less hectic Christmas time a lot!

On another note, today in two weeks my new website, The Moksi Homes, will start, so for the first weeks you will find me more over there and also on Instagram. Hope you will make a visit?

Enjoy this Christmas Eve and for tomorrow,


Maureen xx

*(this was also the correct answer for the Christmas Countdown Calender give away. Congratulations to Lois and Imelda, please send me your details. *