A new best friend & a new member of our family?

Hi everyone!
(I can say that, now I know real people are reading this…)
Remember my little comment a few days ago, about the table I bought?
Well, just to give you an impression what it looks like:
In case you are wondering why it’s upside down, this is a picture of it
sticking out of our car…
It’s very small and long, perfect for our new outside sitting area.
Not so perfect to drive around with….
But it got home and now it’s waiting in storage to get a make over!
So I will have to work on it, with some help from my new best friend,
the Sand Machine!
We have not bonded yet, it’s still in the box, but I already can tell,
he is not kidding around…
I will have to put that plug in and start soon!
The color you will see when I’m done with it.

We also are in need of a new sofa.
Now we have a slipcovered-once-it-was-white sofa.
But after it had to deal with
2 children
(who never spill something… ahum!),
2 adults
(Ok, we spill too..), and
1 dog
(the dog is not allowed on the sofa, but I have to count her in otherwise she will be feeling left out),
we decided it is time to meet The Ektorp!
Now I can see through this screen that some of you are
raising their eyebrows, thinking
 ‘What is an Ektorp?’
It’s a sofa.
A well known sofa, produced by this little store, you probably will know…
Now, I know people who have one and swear by it.
I also know people we had one and never want it in the house again.
So we tested it several times by sitting on it and our behinds were happy!
It feels comfy, looks good in white, is not too expensive and you can wash the cover hot in the machine!
I think the Ektorp will be the newest member of our family!
Another big plus when buying a sofa from Ikea,
is not only do they sell other color slipcovers, you can also order slipcovers
made with other fabric, from Bemz.
They sell covers for most of the Ikea sofas and chairs!
I like their slogan,
“It’s a cover up”!

I will be hopping over there as soon as the first stain
appears on our new sofa…

Have a great day!


7 thoughts on “A new best friend & a new member of our family?

  1. Blondie's Journal

    The table is going to look great. Did you get a great bargain.

    I love the couch. I am looking for something with removable slip covers. And this is really nice looking {and comfy??!!}. I hope you decide to buy it from that little store!! ;-D


  2. Coté Provence

    What a beautiful post! Love your table… can’t wait to see the end result! and the Ektorp looks lovely! good luck with the sand machine … maybe I’ll try it one day too (let me know how it goes)


  3. LindyLouMac

    I love finding Bloggers that are expats so am delighted to find one living in Switzerland, via blog hopping from Home Shabby Home. I am a Brit living in Italy. Good to meet you. I will be back :)

  4. Laura

    I want the Ektorp sofa so badly… I too need a sofa that I can wash (what with the kiddies, dog and hubby), but don’t think I can do the white cover and I haven’t seen a cream/ stone one that is washable yet… so I’m just waiting! Lx

  5. Life in the Country Lane

    Love the table Maureen, looking forward to seeing the result. My sister has an ektorp, in white and a gorgeous sage green. She also has the armchairs and ottomans, so swaps the covers around – looks great. I have two of the ottomans not sure if ektorp, but look the same)Hope you enjoy yours.
    Rebecca x

  6. maría cecilia

    Hola Maureen, I have loved your new table and sofa !!! The good thing is that you can cover them up and protect them… being white is a thing!!!!
    Are you really going to use that sand machine by yourself… well, then enjoy your work my friend!!!!
    maria cecilia


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