Attention ladies: Danish magazine seeks beautiful houses!

Are you familiar with the Danish magazine Jeanne d’Arc Living?
 Well, keep on reading!
Well, keep on reading!
~ photo: Jeanne d’Arc Living ~
Today I came in contact with Ria from It’s me.
She received an email from them, asking her if she knew people who
have houses in the same style as what they show in their magazine.
How fun is that!
To give you an impression, take a look at this beautiful white room here:
~ photo via: It’s me ~
So, if you think your house is Jeanne d’Arc Living ready, contact Ria and she will send your photo’s to the magazine. Who knows! Maybe you will be chosen!
They also sell items for the house, like these lovely hangings for the walls. Practical and beautiful!
~ photo’s: Jeanne d’Arc Living ~
Or, if you don’t want to enter but like the magazine,
they also have an English version, you can buy it
at Ria’s web store.



4 thoughts on “Attention ladies: Danish magazine seeks beautiful houses!

  1. Stacey

    These are so dreamy and rustic. Unfortunately, my interior may be too colourful for this magazine…I’m off to take a look at this magazine now. xo

  2. Grandma Yellow Hair

    Love these pictures wish I could say my house fit their magazine but I am full of every color in the rainbow.
    Thank you so much for joining my site. I am looking forward to getting to know you
    Take care


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