Bed time reading

 ~ nightstand ~
 Next to our bed, we have wooden chairs instead of nightstands. I bought them years ago in Amsterdam and they have moved with us to every house we’ve lived in. They were originally used for praying at the church. I like the clean and simple look they have. And it keeps me in control of not cluttering it with stuff. You know, the usual bedside clutter. In my case, my magazines.
I always have something to read just before I go to sleep. Being a big fan of home magazines, I really love two Dutch ones, Ariadne at Home and VT wonen. They are my favourites.
But last night I started in something totally different…
~ bed time reading ~
My dearest friend Anuschka sent me a very BIG surprise over the weekend. She and I are huge fans of Sex and the City and she sent me the book about the movie, part 2! (We saw it three times…..). Not only did I not expected this, I was for a moment speechless, I love it!
So now I read about Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda before I go to sleep… (BIG sigh….).
What is your favourite bedtime reading? Let me know!
Have a good day,

4 thoughts on “Bed time reading

  1. A House and Home

    My husband hates when I read before bed. Still I like to sneak in a couple of magazines or my newest book. Right now, I am reading, Zeitoun by David Eggers, about New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Very interesting!

  2. Coté Provence

    Hi Maureen,
    My favorite bedtime reading really depends on my mood… I’ve started reading “Sarah’s key” by Tatiana de Rosnay. I am really enjoying it and it’s hard to put it down. But sometimes, I like to read home and fashion magazines before bed. I still haven’t seen Sex and the city 2. Saw the first one… loved it!
    By the way…really love your chair… very pretty.

  3. Kom Achterom

    Ha Maureen
    Kom ik toch even via via bij je binnen vallen.
    Welkom in blogland
    Kijk Zwitserland dat is ook leuk om rond te kijken!
    Zo leuk dat de wereld op de blog zo klein is. Ik lees je passie is wel een beetje wit en dat heb ik niet maar houd wel van brocante. Gezellig bij jou hier ik ga je volgen hoor!!
    en als je zin hebt kom dan ook eens bij mij achterom
    groetjes Yolanda

  4. Ms. Bake-it

    Welcome to blogland Maureen! Coming over by way of Brenda@Cozy Little House. I used to have an old ladderback chair on each side of my bed. It really does help reduce the clutter that seems to accumulate on nightstands! I too like to read for a while before I go to bed. It helps me to destress after a busy day.

    ~ Tracy


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