I’ve got some news…

As I told you in the beginning of this week, I have something to tell you. It’s no earth shattering news, you don’t have to sit for it and you will not faint….
It’s just that…….
Yep, that is right, we are moving house…. (I know, again).
You see? No biggie! At least, not for us anymore. This time no move over oceans or crossing borders, but just your normal move down the street (well actually, 3 streets).
It’s another rental apartment, seeing that we don’t know how long we are staying here, but this time we will have a totally different layout and two small garden area’s.
~ Raspberries, fresh from our future garden ~
So, if you were wondering when I would start talking about Home Decor,
well my Blog friends, that time has come!
I can now talk about all the Little Projects this Big Project needs. Before and after photo’s are going to be made. Magazines will be sorted and the best pictures cut out (or my sweetheart will not be happy, I have way too many magazines….). Things that I move from one place to another will find a new home at the local thrift shop.
I hope you will join me and follow all this!
So grab a cup of tea/coffee or lemonade and let’s start with one of my favourite
 things a house can have, a fireplace!
Here in Switzerland it is considered normal to have a fireplace.
Whether you live in an apartment or a house. Everywhere you look, you’ll see stacks of wood outside a house or on a balcony.  Were I come from, having a fireplace is something of a bonus feature for your home. I’m not talking about the modern ones with gas or gel, but the old fashion wood fireplaces.
We have one with a modern look and we’re happy that we will have another fireplace in the new house.
To give you a glimpse, this is our fireplace now. I painted the two little side walls with a warm grey/brown paint from Flamant, nr. 153 Potatoes, to have some contrast. The rest of the house is very white.
When you rent in Switzerland you are very limited to what you can change, so this is pretty daring….
(I will have to paint this white again when we leave).
In the next apartment, this is the fireplace as it is now.
~ Before we move in ~
So when winter comes (and believe you me, it will be cold here…) I can see myself already sitting by the fire. But let’s not talk about winter yet, I love the summer and hopefully we will have some
more sunny and warm days!
Enjoy the weekend!

6 thoughts on “I’ve got some news…

  1. Life in the Country Lane

    Hi Maureen
    Hope the move goes smoothly. Love your fireplace and the wall colour is gorgeous. Look forward to seeing what you do in your new home. Have a lovely weekend.(thank you for your comment on my recent post, I really appreciate it.)
    Rebecca x

  2. with love

    Hallo Maureen,
    Welkom als volger van mijn blog en natuurlijk was ik nieuwschierig en ben ik hier ook even langs gegaan! Ik word ook volger van je blog hoor!
    Bedankt voor je compliment over mijn hartjes!
    Voor een bestelling kun je contact opnemen via email kuzee5@hotmail.com. Alle voorbeelden zie je op mijn blog en ik kan ook persoonlijke hartjes maken met na(a)m(en), adres, bijzondere datum enz.
    Ik heb diverse stoffen waar je uit kunt kiezen, dus mocht je interesse hebben dan zie ik je mail graag tegemoed!
    Fijne dag, lieve groet Erna


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