My love for Silver

With the Big Project still a few more weeks away, our house is slowly showing more and more piles of stuff, waiting for their destination. Things I don’t want anymore or that are no longer needed. But some of these things I will always carry with me to every house I’ll go.  Do you know what I mean?
They are the things that
make a house a home.

~ Memories ~
They bring back memories, they make you smile and funny enough, you will always remember how they became yours. Some things in your house, you don’t have a clue how and when you purchased it. Or even who gave it to you. But the special things, the lovely ones, you will not forget the story behind them…..

Let me show you some of my special things. And trust me, I have plenty more,
but for now I’ll only talk about a few silver ones.
~ Silver old sugar pot ~

~ Pink clay bowl with silver borders ~
This little sugar pot and pink bowl are from Morocco. I’ve never been in Morocco, but it’s on my list of countries still to visit! I use the sugar pot for different things. Now it’s used to store some sweets from the Netherlands, which I cannot find here. The pink bowl is used on a daily basis to hold different things. I used to work in a store where they sold these home accessories. I loved working there! I was like a kid in a candy shop… But I was strict not to buy everything I saw, so only the very special things came home with me. These two bring back fond memories of working there!
~ Silver candle holder ~
The candle holder is something I had my eye on for a long time! Back then we lived in America and they have stores there I really love! One of them is Anthropologie. They have unique items and their styling will make you stop in your track. At least, I could never walk any further when I stood in front of their window… But it was a bit expensive and then one day, when I wasn’t paying attention, BANG! They had a big sale and I didn’t know it! By the time I found out, this was the only one left, but I got it and now it makes our bedroom look so pretty!
~ Silver tray ~ 
The silver tray comes from Turkey and is handmade. It was a present from my lovely in-laws for my birthday. They gave it with different little holders for tea lights, but I use it daily as a tray and I love it! It’s a piece of art, look at the details. The same goes for the other silver items, the details will never bore me! It reminds me of them and how wonderful they are!
~ Ikea silver ~
This one is from Sweden! I know, not very special or one of a kind but I really like Ikea.
This doesn’t bring back memories of happy times gone by, but:
a) I like the clean cut look
b) it is so practical to store all those coins
c)  It looks silverish and it’s from Ikea…
And last but not least….
(are you still with me?)

~ Silver with turquoise ring ~
My ring. A gift to myself.
This ring reminds me to Be Happy, Stay Happy and Enjoy!
I bought this at a store in Amsterdam, owned by a sweet girl. We used to work together when I had my own little business (a story for another post…). It looks sunny and when I look at it, I remember a lot of memories; fun, sad and precious ones…
Have a good day ladies and remember,
Be Happy, Stay Happy & Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “My love for Silver

  1. with love

    OH ik vind je roze schaal met zilveren rand zoooo mooi!! Prachtig! Mooi met al die andere zilveren stukken!
    (heb je mijn reactie gelezen bij de vorige post?)
    Fijne dag!
    groet, Erna

  2. Life in the Country Lane

    Gorgeous silver Maureen.. love it all, but my favorite would be the candle holder, oh and the pink bowl! Im a ring girl myself too – I have a lot. Thank you for your comments on my recent posts, very much appreciated.
    Have a lovely week.
    Rebecca x

  3. Coté Provence

    Hi Maureen,
    You have a beautiful collection of silver… my favorite is the pink clay bowl.. how gorgeous!
    I also love to make memories of the things I own… I always try to buy something little, decorative when we are on vacation… it will always remind me of that special place we visited.



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