Welcome wagon from Cozy Little House!

I am a girl who really likes to talk. A lot…
But yesterday I didn’t know what to say for a whole 1,5 minute!
(And that is very special for me).
I am proud to say that all the way in Texas there is a great lady, her name is Brenda and she does a lovely thing. Every Friday she sends a Welcome Wagon to new bloggers. You remember, back in the day when new people where welcomed by their neighbours with a cake or flowers, just something to make them feel welcome.

Well let me tell you, Brenda is so sweet! I already met some of her friends, who came to say ‘Hello!’ to me, some of them even became followers!
So hereby I would like to say to everyone who dropped by to welcome me to Blog land, yesterday and in these past two weeks:
Thank you so much!
And to my friendly followers, (either via Google reader or Blogfrog) and to my silent readers:
I am so pleased that you came to follow me on this new journey!
Bedankt allemaal!
That’s Dutch for
Thanks everyone!

8 thoughts on “Welcome wagon from Cozy Little House!

  1. Becca's Dirt

    You are so welcome. I’m looking forward to getting to know you. It’s so neat that we can visit people from so far away and not even know them and make a connection. I am so loving this. Have a great day sweetie.

  2. Grandma Yellow Hair

    SO happy Brenda found you for her Welcom Wagon on Fridays. I love that she does this. I too am from Texas but its such a big state I have yet to meet Brenda but maybe one of these days.
    Looking forward to getting to know you and welcome to the world of blogging

  3. Becca

    Hi Maureen, I’m Becca. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, where you’ll meet many talented, interesting and creative people like yourself! Best wishes,

  4. Jane, Naples, Florida

    Maureen, My blog was featured along with yours
    by Brenda from the Welcome Wagon! I love your
    thank you note to Brenda and I love your blog!
    So beautiful! Look forward to being a follower!

    Flora Doora


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