A beautiful home in California

Once upon a time, there was a story so lovely,
it had to be shared with more people….
There is a house in California.
The owners are a beautiful woman and her handsome cowboy.
With their five lovely children they turn the house
into a family home.
Decorated in white and styled with love…
Sounds like the beginning of a fairytale, doesn’t it? Well, I am glad to say, that this is a real story with a really sweet girl, who a lot of you in Blog land already know.
I’m talking about the lovely Maria from Dreamy Whites.
She kindly agreed that I can show you her pictures. I’m so happy about this because,
I really love her style of decorating!
So, for the people who haven’t visited Maria, let’s peek into her beautiful home!

These pictures give me inspiration and that is
what I wanted when I started this blog!
I hope you enjoyed her lovely photo’s. Also, Maria is in the process of opening a store!
So hop, skip or jump over to California if you want to say Hi!
Thank you Maria!
For letting me share your home with more people
and for your style inspiration!
~ all pictures: courtesy of Dreamy Whites ~

12 thoughts on “A beautiful home in California

  1. A House and Home

    Those pictures are so ingrained in my mind that I thought, “Oh, wait, I know the person who has that house”, although I REALLY don’t. I love that house. It should be in magazines. Thanks for sharing…I never so that photo of the beds before!

  2. It's me

    Tja ..wie kent haar nu niet?? prachtig blog !! heerlijk mooi en prachtig huis….maarre dan heb je mijn huis nog niet gezien….!!! hahahahhaah!! fijne dag liefs Ria….

  3. Rozmeen


    ja zij heeft echt een prachtig huis ik ben er al een hele tijd verliefd op. Dank je wel voor je lieve berichtjes op mijn blog. Je hebt een mooie blog en ga je lekker volgen.


  4. KarenSue

    Hi Maureen, You have made my day by becoming a follower of mine!
    Great post! Maria is amazing. I get alot of inspiration from her.
    Enjoy your day,


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