I’m back from my trip with lots to show and tell,
but I will have to do this in the next post.
I can say this though, It was so much fun!
There where two envelopes waiting for me in the Netherlands,
from two sweet blog ladies.
One was my order of the fabric hearts from Erna, ‘with love’ and the other a lovely surprise gift, (I became her follower nr. 350!) from Ria, ‘it’s me’. She gave me a beautiful magazine from Denmark, thankfully in English. It made me glad to see these gifts, knowing that I will have many smiles looking at my hearts and inspiration from looking at my magazine.
Thank you ladies,
I love it! 
Today I will be busy doing errands for our move,
it’s end of this month, and I have plenty to do.
Have a good day!

13 thoughts on “Bonjour!

  1. with love

    Hoi Maureen!
    Allereerst…waarom heb ik al die berichtjes van jou gemist…volgens mij komen die helemaal niet meer in mijn dashboard te staan dus straks eerst even kijken hoe dat kan!
    Oh wat heb ik moeten lachen om dat leuke verhaal van jullie prinsessenhond! Maar ze heeft de taken goed waargenomen voor je!
    Ik zie dat je de hartjes inmiddels gekregen hebt, leuk dat je er aandacht aan geeft in je post! En wat leuk dat je dat mooie tijdschrift van Ria hebt gekregen!
    Geniet er lekker van, even met een boekje in een hoekje!
    Fijne week, groetjes Erna

  2. Amanda

    Hi Maureen! It’s always good to have something special when you come home. You have my favorite magazine, hours of enjoyment!
    Can’t wait to here about your trip.

  3. Jill

    Hi Maureen
    Its lovely to open up little parcels! I love the magazine and have it sent to me every month! the photography is brilliant and has lots of inspiration.
    look forward to hearing all about your trip.
    Jill x

  4. It's me

    Hoi…je bent weer thuis……leuk hoor ! ……ik hoop dat je het blad leuk vind……geniet ervan…..en succes met de dozen…ben vandaag ook nog even bezig geweest met uitpakken…jet huis is nu netjes maar de schuur……………… !! dat word nog wel een projectje…hahahaha!!liefs Ria….

  5. Grandma Yellow Hair

    Honey thank you so much for your really kind comments about me and my blog. Isn’t it strange how we let things bother us that others say and then someone like you makes it all good again.
    So glad you had a wonderful trip and then found gifts at the end of the rainbow when you got home.
    They are lovely too. Can’t wait to here about your trip and see your pics
    Take care and know that this ole Texas grandma appreciates you very much


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