I would be most content if my children grew up
to be the kind of people who think
decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves.
~ Anna Quindlen ~
We have a lot of books. Most of them are now in boxes, ready for the move. 
I have to do more packing today, but I wanted to share with you a little book.
I bought it years ago and just now stumbled on a quote from its writer.
Her name is Anna Quindlen and this little book is
To me it was not a life changing book, but I really liked it, because it gives you something to think about.
We are all busy with so many things in our life and sometimes we take it for granted.
It’s a small book, fits also perfect in your handbag and perhaps we all can think,
just for a minute,
 what it is we appreciate in our lives.
And as you can see here,
my Sweetheart already started packing some of our books.
I better start doing the same!
So for now I have to love you and leave you!
Bye now!

9 thoughts on “Books

  1. A House and Home

    Just last night, I was helping my almost 3 year old niece, Betsy, gather a bag from her room. She wanted to be just like her 3 year old cousin who had a very fashionable bag with lots of fashionable clothes in it, because she wanted to be just like her 12 year old sister. But when Betsy went to her room, she chose a brown paper bag and filled it with books. She made me so proud. Every time we move, my husband complains about my heavy collection of books, but I will not get rid of them. They are too precious to me.

  2. My Grama's Soul

    Just found you thru Blondie above…….I, too am an avid reader. I happen to have the book you have mentioned today….I enjoy her writing and am always inspired by what she has to say.


  3. It's me

    Hoi hoi….ben je nog niet weg???..tja boeken..heerlijk…..maar ga je nu verhuizen of zitten ze nog steeds ingepakt…zoals hier…..hahaahhaah!!…liefs Ria….

  4. Laura

    Hi Maureen… we are in the process of getting a new bookshelf for the girls room, but as ever we have to find one that does the purpose and yet doesn’t take up too much room… everything in this place has to be measured and double checked to make sure it fits. Luckily the girls have developed an interest in books… they’re crazy about Julia Donaldson! I’ll check this book out… since my youngest came along I can only manage books that are a short read! Hope you’re having a great day. Lx

  5. Coté Provence

    I really have to get my hands on that book. Sometimes we really take for granted the sweetest things we have around us.
    Thanks for the recommendation.


  6. T's Daily Treasures

    I love sweet short and happy and that little book looks like it serves up all three. Someone else mentioned pictures in the book. Will have to see if I can get my hands on one. unfortunately, we have awful bookstores in this country and censorship to boot. :/ good luck with packing and moving. We have friends in Switzerland. I would so love to go there one day. In fact, a Japanese friend in Dubai is visiting Switzerland for 10 days next week, while we are on our way to India for 5 days. So many places to see in this big beautiful world! :) Have a great day. Tammy


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