I’m off to France and Belgium!

Two weeks ago, I wrote that it’s almost Flea Market time.
Well, the weeks are gone and
I’m leaving today!

I love to see Belgium and France again!
The food, the language, the buildings and the nice people,
it’s all waiting for us! On y va!

If you can’t go to France but would like to have a taste of it,
go visit the lovely blog of Coté Provence.
She shows a little bit of everything, with a French twist!
Check out her post about Mousse-au-chocolate,
it’s delicious eye candy!
(this is my new favourite word, eye candy!)


While I’m gone,
I have a special lady who will make a Guest Post, so stay tuned.
I love her and I hope you do to!
Enjoy your weekend, mes amis!

I will leave you with the famous French words,

Au revoir!

9 thoughts on “I’m off to France and Belgium!

  1. A House and Home

    Have a great trip! I can’t wait to hear about it. I finally got around to doing some housekeeping online (I seem to procrastinate at that as much as the housekeeping at home!) and put your blog on my blog roll because I just adore it. Enjoy your trip!


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