Key words

~ A bit of pink will take its place in the new home! ~

Busy was the key word here around our household these past six days.
Come to think of it, Tired will probably be a good second key word.
We are functioning but our eyes are in sleep mode…

With the move to the new apartment, four million trips to Ikea, the cleaning from the old place, walls being painted, bringing stuff to the dump and thriftstore and in between the normal things like work, school, errands, orthodontist, supermarket trips and all the appointments with the electrician, the carpenter and the plumber, Sweetheart and I are pretty tired. The girls are tired too, but they are taking it all super good,
I’m a proud mum!

Patience is the word to use for wanting so see pictures of our new place. When the house is photo ready I will post pictures but it will take some weeks, so patience my dear blog friends!

Thank You is the word to use for the ‘super comment award’ I got from
the lovely Bron from Baby Space. With this award comes a twist, I have to answer some questions about myself, which is something I will do also later, when I have more time, I promise!

For now,
the words to use are

So Long,


Auf Wiedersehen,



10 thoughts on “Key words

  1. LindyLouMac

    Which lake have you moved near to in Switzerland. I love living near water as you may have already realised.
    I hope you are able to find time to unwind a little this weekend after your hectic move.

  2. Laura

    Take 5, have a cup of tea and put your feet up… flick through a mag… no need to rush… it takes time to make a home… Missing your posts though! Lx

  3. It's me

    Hoi Maureen…….ben benieuwd hoor…..wacht geduldig af……hoelang duurde het ook al weer???? hahahahah!! succes en sterkte meis……liefs Ria….

  4. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    Always such a big job moving and know you must be so busy.
    Good luck with getting organized and I hope that you have a lovely weekend and some time to relax.


  5. Jill

    Hi Maureen
    You are so busy but I think it will be worth it and look forward to your pics, but if you are anything like me you want to wait and show it at its best! What would we do without Ikea – for the little extra and essential things that make a home.
    love Jillx

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