Morning light number 7

Good morning, afternoon, or evening!
A big Thank You to everyone who wished us good luck with the new apartment. We are very much in the process of moving a gazillion things to their new destination, which is either the new apartment, the bin or the thrift store.
Here is a glimpse of the morning light shining through the house.
~ the first furniture is there, waiting for the rest ~
This is house number 7.
It’s not our house number on the front door but it’s the seventh house we live in as a family. I’m not counting all the temporary hotels or apartments in which we spend a week or two months in.
I’m talking about a real house which has to be turned into a real home.
So for the 7th time, I was surprised to see how beautiful the morning sun is shining into the rooms. Every house is different and this morning light in our new place is still unfamiliar to me.
~ the outside blinds are making honey grate shadows ~
~ morning light on the radiator and the floor ~
~ the new floor is made of a billion little pieces of wood ~ 
~ I like this old fashion feeling in the kitchen, the tiles and the water handles are cute details ~
~ My favourite scented candles are already there to give the house a familiar smell ~
This weekend we are going to spend
our first night there
make new memories
in house number 7.

14 thoughts on “Morning light number 7

  1. Laura

    Hi Maureen
    I love that feeling of moving into a new home… I was brought up in one house, but since becoming an adult I have moved almost every 4 years!!! Enjoy your new home and get ready to fill it with happy memories! It looks beautiful and inviting already! Lx

  2. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    Welcome to your new home and I hope that you are getting all settled into your lovely place.
    Thanks for showing us and wish you much happiness there.



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