September days

can be beautiful here in Switzerland.
The trees will turn from green to a variety of colors.
But for now, I’m very happy that the summer still is claiming it’s spot.

I hope you’ll have a sunny Thursday!

10 thoughts on “September days

  1. Signe

    Beautiful pictures!
    Oslo is pretty cold today so I think we can safely say that autumn has arrived. Just waiting for the leafs to turn yellow now so I can take a long walk and get some good autumn pictures :)

  2. Life in the Country Lane

    What beautiful summery images Maureen. Nice to see a bit of summer as its so cold here in Australia. Thank you for dropping by to read my Sydney post. You will have to come to Australia at least once! But there is a lot to see, so your family may not see you for some time!!
    Rebecca x

  3. Natasha

    It looks like it is a lovely time of year. I wonder, when does it start getting cold? I must say that I am looking forward to seeing your pictures in Winter!

    Best wishes and happy day to you sweet Maureen!

    PS Rebecca above says you must come and visit us here in Australia…yes you must! I hope you can come to Brisbane!

  4. Laura

    Beautiful images. I’ve never been to Switzerland. The hubby’s grandma lived there after the war for a short while, and she tells us how beautiful and fresh it was. I agree with Natasha, I can’t wait to see your pictures in the Winter. Have a great day. Lx

  5. Blondie's Journal

    Your pictures are absolutely beautiful, Maureen! I’d love to see pictures of the mountains in the winter there. Switzerland would be such a lovely place to visit, I’ll have to put it on my list! :-)



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