Birthday wishes

Just a quick note, before I go to bed.
I want to Thank you so much for all my sweet birthday wishes!
It made me very happy to read all of them!
I got very lovely presents, I’ve really been spoiled.
And from Sweetheart and the girls, 40 champagne colored roses in a beautiful gold metallic pot!
They are so beautiful!
The best surprise he saved till the afternoon.
We would go for lunch but then he opened our bedroom door and two of my best girlfriends (Patricia and Anuschka) where sitting there! He flew them over for one night! The girls and I had a very good time! We even stayed the night in a hotel, it felt like having a pyjama party! Thanks again for coming girls!
Now they are back in Amsterdam and I had a 40th birthday 
I will remember for a long time, thanks to my Sweetheart!
I thanked him so many times but now I will put it in writing:
Sweetie, you are the best!
See you in the morning,
Goodnight everyone!

7 thoughts on “Birthday wishes

  1. JANE

    Oh, Maureen, how delightful. He’s a keeper, for sure. Will you be able to get the roses dried so you can keep them? J x

  2. Jill

    Hi Maureen
    Isn’t it lovely when you get surprises like that – I am sure you had a great time – sometimes they just surprise you!!


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