is believing
one of two

That there
will be
something solid
for you
to stand on.

 that you
will be
taught to

I’m a big fan of learning how to * fly *


quote found 
via Amanda

6 thoughts on “Fly

    1. target furniture coupons

      Tenso. O elemento que eu mais gostava em Vanguard, que era a imprevisibilidade, caiu de forma bem patética. Com exceção dos decks novos e de alguns episódios, oh temporada desperdiçada!

  1. Amanda

    Hi Maureen – Thanks so much for visiting me over at my little blog and therefore letting me find your lovely Daydream Living. I have been having a lovely time reading back through your posts. Oh how envious I am of your fleamarket trip. I am sure I would find it incredibly hard not to buy up everything, certainly ignoring the logistics of how to get it all home! And I laughed at your shutter story. My husband is also always incredulous at some of the treasures I have rescued from the dump. But in the end he has to agree with my rationale! Amanda xx

  2. Signe

    Aaaw, such a great quote!

    PS: Holland was lovely and I got home safe, thank you so much for stopping by while I was away :)


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