Pretty in Pink

Today I received a lovely Pink Ribbon present from Saskia!

She is so sweet to give me one of these bracelets,
 which they sell in the Netherlands and I am wearing mine right now!
October is breast cancer awareness month, 
and therefore she is giving away this bracelet
every Friday this month.
I think it’s a lovely way of supporting the Pink Ribbon organisation.
Thanks Saskia for doing this!


13 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

  1. It's me

    O yes yes !! Sassie is the best !!…leuk is ie he??? ik heb er ook een van haar gehad,…..zo lief lief !!! fijne avond meis……liefs Ria…

  2. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    What a sweet ribbon from your friend and for such a great cause.
    We had our collection on the street on Friday and I bought my ribbon which I proudly pinned to my jacket.


  3. me and alice

    That is a wonderful idea!
    I support our swedish pink-ribbon-campaign here in Sweden too, since my mother and my grandmother both died from breastcancer…

    A wonderful weekend to you Maureen!
    xoxo Susanne

  4. ~*~ saskia ~*~

    Hi Maureen, een mooie post heb je ervan gemaakt. Ik heb hem ook om, leuk leuk, er zijn 3 naar Canada, 1 naar Australie, 1 naar Duitsland, 1 naar Amerika, 1 naar Engeland en 3 in Nederland onderweg. Hebben we straks allemaal eenzelfde bandje om >^_^< Een heel fijn weekend! xxx

  5. laura

    Hi there Maureen, how gorgeous. My poor mum had breast cancer, but fortunately she only needed a lumpectomy and is all clear now. Its so sad that it affects so many women, good on you for your support, we all need to raise awareness.
    hugs and smiles to you,
    Laura c xxxx


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