The title of today’s post is a slogan of BLURB.
The name to know if you want to make a beautiful photo book. 
You remember all your 4 million digital photo’s,
which are nicely stored in your computer,  never to be looked at….
Well, with BLURB you want to look at them over and over again.
Yesterday my friend Marian introduced me to this great website,
her husband makes photo books, sorted by themes, holidays and occasions,
they’re great!
I know there are plenty of other sites to make your own photobook,
but the quality of BLURB books are up there with the pro’s.
Perhaps you always wanted to make your blog into a book!
Or,  if you don’t know what
to give your loved ones for Christmas or any other occasion,
give them your very own photo book!
So I will no longer keep you, go and check it out!
I know what I will be doing these coming weeks….
Bye bye!

photo: blurb-via dutchcowboys

11 thoughts on “Best.Gift.Ever.

  1. It's me

    Wat leuk he je eigen boek maken…….ik wacht eerst wel tot jij het hebt gedaan…..hoor graag hoe het gegaan is !!!…fijne avond liefs Ria..

  2. Laura

    I can’t believe it! Our blog within the photobooks?! That’s genius!! Thanks for sharing, maybe a cute and original gift!

  3. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    Oh this is such a great idea, we all have a lot of photos everywhere and to have in one book would be such a nice gift. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a happy weekend

  4. T's Daily Treasures

    Hi Maureen, hope you are having a great weekend. Staying warm!??? I wanted order my blog as a book over the summer but completely forgot about it. Would be nice to have something to look back through. I love my litte compact computer, but sometimes holding a book in your hands is so much nicer. Best wishes, Tammy


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