Double Hop and Skip

Since I started this little Hop and Skip serie, (blogs I really like to read),
I’ve got great reactions about it, so muchas gracias ladies!
* {If you just started to read my blog, Welcome!
I already talked about lovely blogsters in Australia, Germany and Norway} *
Today I’m doing a double Hop and Skip to the USA!
Two different flavours of blogs and both really lovely in their own way.
Some of you already know her but if you don’t,
meet the lovely Hilary from Sweet as June.
I love her house! It’s an old house (my kind of house!) and she made it into a real family home. Not only can you read about her house, her finds on the road are pretty amazing (like her “Potterybarn” chair, it looks good!). She takes you with her, into her life and home, so if you want know what she is up to next go have a look.
Their is a new blogster in town and she is such a sweetie.
Meet Courtney from Vintch.
Her blog reads like a novel, I love her writing style! And I’m not the only one. Since she started on November 4th, she already has 78 followers and counting. I read about her family (love her nanno, he reminds me of my own grandma), her husband, her dog, her yellow tights, I really love it all. Don’t you just love a good story?  Well, start reading hers, you will not be dissapointed.
So if you want, go get that cuppa tea, put on the heat
(or airco if you are enjoying the sun)
and hop and skip to New England & North Carolina.
I have to run now to catch my train that will take me to the airport,
(quick visit to Amsterdam to see my dad),
 I will be back in Blogland on Thursday.
So for now, Adios Amigos!
{mmmh,…all of a sudden I start with this spanish stuff….what on earth….?!}
photo’s: Sweet as June & Vintch

11 thoughts on “Double Hop and Skip

  1. Thisisme

    Have a safe trip to Amsterdam, Maureen, and hope your dad is doing okay. Thanks for introducing us to two new Blogs (for me anyway) and I shall pop over to have a read.

  2. Natasha

    I haven’t met these lovely bloggers before so thanks so much for introducing them. You are very kind doing this little series.

    Have a safe trip and see you when you get back.

    Best wishes always,

  3. vintch

    Oh Maureen, you are such a sweetheart. Your kind words mean so, so much to me and are so appreciated. You know how to make someone feel very special, and that is a true gift of yours. Have a wonderful week and know that you just made mine:)

  4. Laura

    You’ve got such a great talent to discover best bloggers ever! Thanks for sharing new lovely places!!


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