Hello on this rainy Monday!
While I type this I can see fog dwelling over the lake.
Normally the Swiss weather is pretty good, but lately it’s been warmer
then it should be, so this rain can turn into snow any day now….
I wanted to talk about handmade things, one of my favourite items to buy.
I love to think about the person who took the time to make these items.
The one of a kind or the few in a series. They mostly are made with a labour of love.
As most of you know,
there are a whole bunch of creative women in Blog land and beyond,
who are making the most beautiful things and they sell their goodies in Etsy stores.
The concept of Etsy is simple.
It’s the place to sell and buy all things handmade.
I love their thinking, buy, sell and live handmade.
They also have a  Etsy blog named The Storque.
I also purchased some things via Etsy from
the very sweet Jill, from Nice Day at Rosies.
She made beautiful cushion covers for my two girls which are totally my style.
White with a little bit of color and cute buttons on the back.
She also made me a lavender heart from vintage linnen
which is in our bedroom and smells so good!
You can click here if you want to purchase something from
her Etsy store, Rosiebud Design. Thank you again Jill!
To inspire you,
here are some more Etsy links I enjoyed.
So far I haven’t purchased a thing… yet….

with a southern twist
from Vital
from Lianne Mellor, via Ms Marmite lover and The Underground Restaurant
from City Crochet
You see what I mean? I can go on and on!
So if you want someting handmade for your Christmas presents,
is the magic word!
And no,
I did not get paid to promote these products,
I just like them mucho!

13 thoughts on “Etsy

  1. Celestial Charms

    Hi Maureen,
    Yes, I love Etsy too. I can spend hours just browsing at the lovely handmade treasures. Eye candy for sure! Great looking cushions that you chose. I’m looking forward to seeing some snow photos from Switzerland…so I secretly hope you have a some white flakes soon! ;)
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Debby

    Oh my gosh, I love those acrons. I wish others on my list to buy for liked homemade things as well as I do. I would do all of my shopping on Etsy.

  3. Laura

    Hi lovely Maureen, I totally agree with you…I always find beautiful things via Etsy! and i adore your choices!!!
    Thanks for passing by me! I wait for you to be back!

  4. Flotsam Friends

    Yes I agree. It’s a wonderful Etsy world out there. I still need to tap into it with my dolls. I’m just worried about postage as my dolls are box framed. I adore all the things you’ve found here… Love soy candles and also those acorns are just darlings aren’t they. Hope the clouds have gone away and there is sunshine there today. We’ve had hideous weather in Sydney but thankfully things are looking brighter now. Pruxxx

  5. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    Yes, Etsy is a fun place and I enjoyed seeing all the fabulous handmade things you have shown.
    Love the lavender heart sachets, and the pretty cushions, also the acorns.

    I hope that you are having a lovely week and the weather has improved at your place.

  6. Nel

    Those little acorns are so cute! Some lovely things on Etsy, very addictive!! So glad to hear your dad is doing well too :) xo


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