Hop and Skip

In Oslo lives a 30-something girl.
She loves to blog and I think that she shares
very inspirational ideas and photo’s.
Meet the lovely Signe from the blog SignePling.
I like her funny comments, I love the soft colors she uses in her blog and her links are to places I’ve not been before, so I find her blog very inspiring. Not to mention that she uses beautiful images for her Monday random photo’s and her Friday favorites.
And because I’m a fan of love stories,
 her sweetheart Cas (he is a fellow Dutch man) will be joining her life in over 30 days. She has a timer counting away the seconds when they finally will start their lives together. How romantic is that!
So if you want to read more about her everyday life,
 Hop and Skip to Norway,
don’t forget to put some winterclothes on, it’s getting cold out there.

photo: SignePling

8 thoughts on “Hop and Skip

  1. Signe

    Aaaw Maureen, thank you so much!! This totally made my day :)

    And yes – Oslo is getting cold so don’t forget your mittens ;)

  2. Laura

    Done it! Hope, skip….love!!! Her blog is awesome and you’re absolutely inspiring for me!!!
    Thanks for sharing, lovely Maureen!


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