I’ve got a pocket full of dreams….

Today my mind wandered far away,
where there are no mountains or lakes,
over the ocean,
to a place that never sleeps…
Together with Amsterdam and Paris,
this is one of my favourite cities…
New York.
Our oldest daughter drew this picture in 2004 when she was 6. 
To me this is precious.
New York
 is known for too many things to name here,
but I think this famous quote sums it up pretty good. 
So I leave you with a song I love,
it’s from Alicia Keys and she’s singing
‘Empire State of Mind’.
I hope you enjoy it.

{I linked up with Natasha for Sunday Song.}

Have a good Sunday!

Photo 2: Jeff T. Alu
Quote: Myrna Loy

13 thoughts on “I’ve got a pocket full of dreams….

  1. Thisisme

    New York is definitely one of the places on my Bucket List, Maureen. I know so many people that have been there from England, and they have all absolutely loved it.
    The drawing by your daughter is so cute, and actually very good for a 6 year old.

  2. marian

    Love New York too! It’s been 20 years ago now since I’ve been there but I would love to go back sometime.
    Lovely picture your daughter drew! Precious memories, those drawings and arty little works of the children, I just can’t throw them out either!

  3. Blondie's Journal

    I love this song. Have you ever heard or seen the video of the version of Alicia Keys with Jay Z? You can find it on U Tube…it really is awesome, and so is NYC. Love the quote!


  4. Natasha

    This is such a great song Maureen and I too have heard the version that Jane mentioned which is also brilliant. Thank you so very much for linking it up to Sunday Song and I hope you will join in again with us soon.

    I hope your week is wonderful!

    Best wishes always,

    PS thanks so much also for your sweet comments. You always make my day when you stop by!


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