14 thoughts on “No sleep…

  1. T's Daily Treasures

    Coming home to my own bed after being away for a few days was pure bliss. I just say Thank God, Thank God, Thank God for my bed, my pillow, my quilt. Hope you got some shuteye! Best wishes, Tammy

  2. JANE

    Oh, Sweetheart! Maybe you need to check into bloggy rehab like me ☺. Getting the balance right is the darndest thing. As we both know. Thankyou for commenting today – you were quite insightful, picking up the fact that I had not dropped my bundle after two birthday parties with another to come. Post to follow! J x

  3. Maaike

    Yes, I so recognize that… :-). Like your blog, like your stories, like the sphere you created and the other blogs you are referring to. Thank you for sharing! Oh and that blurb is a very good idea…
    Love, Maaike

  4. Maaike

    Ha, ik lees nu je profiel en zie dat je ook uit Amsterdam komt :-) altijd gezellig… Spannend zo’n internationaal leven! Hoe vind je Zwitserland?

  5. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    Nighty night dear friend… it is 11.23 pm Monday evening here, so really I should not be on the computer, but just wanted to say hi and to wish you a great week.


  6. Melissa K

    I think that it would be very hard not to sleep peacefully in that beautiful bedroom in the photo. I hope you eventually got some sleep xx


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