Thankful day

To all the people who celebrate this special day,

We will have our international Thanksgiving diner next week.

And remember:

“Be thankful for what you have.
You will end up having more.
If you concentrate on what you don’t have,
you will never, ever have enough”.

~ Oprah Winfrey ~ 

Have a good Thursday!

8 thoughts on “Thankful day

  1. T's Daily Treasures

    I didn’t know there was an International Day of Thanksgiving. We had a regular school/work day around here so I ordered a turkey and all the fixens and picked it up on the way home. The kids were happy (I don’t do meat so I had vege nuggets with my mashed potatoes and corn). About to go for another piece of pumpkin pie. Wishing you a bright and beautitul day filled with warm hugs and blessings. :) Tammy

  2. Signe

    Boy oh boy do I envy the Americans this feast, and especially since Turkey is my all time favorite meal!
    Have a lovely Thursday evening Maureen :)


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