Good morning!
With all this cold weather and Christmas spirit in the air, I thought, what will be a good way to start this cold Monday morning?
And funny enough, the UK X-factor came to my mind. Well, not too surprisingly, because this weekend we watched the finals.
Oh, I love this show! And I love the auditions even more!
If you happen to have a bad day, get yourself a cup of tea, settle your behind on the sofa for 2 hours and watch auditions of this show. I promise you, that feeling will go away after seeing people trying to sing, {sounding more like cats, they will make you laugh}, but also people with a dream, who can really sing
{and they will give you goosebumps}.
 I never fail to tear up, hearing someone singing beautifully and with their heart.
For someone like me, who cannot sing to save her life, it’s a magical gift!
This year was a good final, but my favourite contestant is Alexandra Burke, from 2 years ago. She didn’t get through 3 years before but she worked hard, came back and won the 2008 show! Now she’s living her dream!
So, to start the day with goosebumps,
I hope you will enjoy this video clip of her, singing Hallelujah.
Have a good Monday!

photo: via last fm

8 thoughts on “Goosebumps

  1. Thisisme

    I agree, wonderful version of the song, which I love anyway, especially at this time of the year. Couldn’t agree more with you about the audition stages of X-Factor. Soooooo funny!!

  2. JANE

    Hi Sweetie Great to have you back in Blogland. I mentioned you a couple of posts ago. How’s the weather now? J x

  3. ZoutHout

    OOh ik schaam me verschrikelijk hahah.. ik heb de X-factor nog nooit gekeken, neeeh zelfs de Zweedse niet, onder de noemer tijdgebrek dan hahah

    Wat gezellig dat je even lang kwam in het koude Zweden.


  4. A House and Home

    Dear Maureen, Thanks for the concern. I’ve been watching silently from afar…I’ve just been too busy and somewhat tongue tied (hand tied?) to write. I know I still owe you some answers to your questionnaire…is it bad that I don’t even know the answers to some of those questions? Thought I knew myself pretty well! Have I missed the pictures of your new house? Or is the business of life just catching up with you too? xoxo Anne

  5. ~*~ saskia ~*~

    Die foto is al heel erg bijzonder en mooi, ga nu snel je linkje beluisteren.
    Een fijne nieuwe week, Maureen. Het zal vast flink sneeuwen in Zwitserland? Hoort wel echt bij Kerst he? Maakt het zo compleet. xxxx


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