Snow-free Christmas tree at Schiphol.

Well, my little adventure in Amsterdam, (stranded due to the snow in Basel), was indeed filled with some new stories, (just like you said Brenda) which included meeting new people and a lovely Dutch girl who also lives in Switzerland, extra time with my family, inlaws and friends, sleeping in a hotel, waiting and more waiting on the airport, screaming at an airport worker and using trains, airplanes and buses, to get back.

The snow wasn’t too bad that evening in Amsterdam, only very cold and windy.

The next day the weather got worse, so I was lucky.

And after coming home Friday afternoon instead of Wednesday evening, catching up on some much needed sleep, having a late Thanksgiving diner with people from a variety of countries, the first sleepover at our new place and staying home with my girls and sweetheart, you might have thought I was Missing in Action….

Isn’t this cute?
 Kids are leaving one shoe for Sinterklaas (he’s family of  Santa Claus) in the supermarket.

Sinterklaas is a Dutch tradition, you get candy in your shoe, if you where good of course.

Also it’s this time of the year where our daily life tends to get a bit busy with errands and Sinterklaas/Sami Claus/Father Christmas (he passes by our house in many shapes, sizes and names…). In two weeks the schools are already closing for the holidays, and before I know it we’re going back to Amsterdam.
So these coming days, I have soooo many visits to make to all your blogs, I will hop by, see you soon, pinky promise!
Have a good Tuesday!

16 thoughts on “M.I.A.

  1. Maaike

    Hai Maureen, wat een verhaal! Maar, Amsterdam staat er gekleurd op bij daydreamliving :-) en leuk hè, die schoentjes bij AH… Alles is trouwens al weer weg en vervangen door AH Excellent-kerst artikelen. Ook een heel fijn sfeertje. En de dikste Allerhande ooit is uit, ik ga ‘m een dezer dagen halen. Jij ook een exemplaar? Of wordt je voorzien door je familie? Geniet nog even van je rust…
    Liefs van Maaike

  2. T's Daily Treasures

    Glad to hear you made it back safe and sound. Just never know what the weather is gonna throw your way this time of year. We are off school today. Then have two more days, 5 days next week and then it is the Winter Break around here. Sure doesn’t feel like winter though — the balcony door is open and Jingles has been enjoying her time outdoors while I’ve been blogging and crocheting. Happy day! Best wishes to you, Tammy

  3. LindyLouMac

    This time of the year is busy for us all, doubt many of us will be around blogging world much. I am definitely going to have a break but look forward to keeping in touch during 2011.
    Take Care and have wonderful Christmas season with your family.

  4. Life in the Country Lane

    Good to hear you are finally home Maureen.
    Sounds like you have a busy time ahead, as this festive season can be. Im trying to catch up on blogs too, there seem to be many great posts happening. Have a great week.
    Rebecca x

  5. Thisisme

    Lovely to have you back again Maureen, and I loved your photoes. I think we bloggers will have to be patient with each other over the next few weeks as we will be rather busy. We can then start again in earnest in 2011!

  6. JANE

    Oh, Sweetie! What a to-do! My, you’re really getting it with the weather over there in Europe at the moment. So pleased you eventually made it home after your ordeal. J x

  7. Jill

    Hi Maureen
    Glad you are back safe and sound and getting ready for all the Christmas Preparations. The girls must be getting very excited (that includes you!!) Have a lovely day

  8. Robynne's Nest

    Hello Maureen, thankyou for visiting my blog, it’s lovely to meet you. We appear to have a bit in common…my husband is half dutch….we are also renting (hate it)…I too have been busy repainting walls, trying to make it a home….and I love flea markets. I am hoping to get to Lille next year. I have visited a small one in Brussels last December and of course the big fairs in England are fantastic, but as yet have not managed a really good French one. Perhaps I might join you on one of those organized trips…they sound like a great way to go. I love your blog…will try to catch up on it when time permits. Robx

  9. Draffin Bears

    Dear Maureen,

    Glad that you made it back home safely and yes, life is really busy this time of the year.
    Love the Sinterklass shoe tradition, that is fun.
    Enjoy the festive season with your family.

    Warm hugs


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