Friday *thank you* Flower

A Friday Flower
for all of you.

Thank you,
for coming here,
brightening my day.
The flowers 
have some
 lights and shadows
like real life
black and white
for happy and sad days
and a little green
for hope and dreams
simple but perfect
just the way I like it.
I would also like to thank
for giving me this sweet blog award!

Thisisme you know I really appreciate it.
Thank you for thinking of me!
And I would like to say….
I have won my first give away!
Ingrid from Het Bovenhuis made these cute
zipper hangers and I’ve won one, so thank you Ingrid!
If you haven’t met these two lovely ladies,
please go and have a look around their blogs!
Special thanks
 to the two sweeties who started Friday Flower
* Laura and Melissa *

Have a good weekend!

13 thoughts on “Friday *thank you* Flower

  1. KarenSue

    Congratulations on your first win! You must enter to win and you did.
    And thank you for the pretty flower, what a sweety you are!
    Hugs for you,

  2. Maaike

    prachtige amarylissen, dankjewel! Ik heb dezelfde staan, maar die zijn nog in knop. En voor jou natuurlijk ook een heel fijn weekend,
    liefs van Maaike

  3. It's me

    Hoi Mareen……wat leuk een give away gewonnen !!…..en een award!! …helemaal leuk allemaal…een hele fijne dag !! liefs van mij…….xxx…

  4. Thisisme.

    Maureen, thank you for that beautiful Friday flower. How lovely! Your blog is so sweet and you definitely deserve that Award. How lovely that you won your first give-a-way!! Double congratulations. Have a good weekend.


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