A beautiful home in Switzerland ~ Swiss Style

Remember that I told you about my mouth having a life of its own?
That it does what it wants and completely takes over my brain, or in this case, my hands?
Let me explain.
A few weeks ago I showed you the living space of Marian, my Dutch friend here in Switzerland. {If you missed it, look here to see it.} My mouth then made a little comment, meaning, my thoughts went all the way down and landed in my hands, who did what they where told to type, namely this:
{I’ll see if I can find a nice Swiss lady who doesn’t mind me lurking around her house…}
Well, this was one of the few moments I was happy that my running-around-like-a-crazy-woman-mind had done this, because that same afternoon I got an email… from a very nice Swiss lady… saying that she didn’t mind me lurking around in her house!
I fell of my chair and had to read it twice, just to make sure my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me.
So I emailed back and two weeks later I met Daniela.
Daniela was reading my blog as a silent reader and she was so friendly (she truly is!) to invite me to her home. Well, needless to say that for a professional peeper like me,
it was an invite I couldn’t refuse!
And boy do I like her home!
We not only live 40 minutes away from each other, her love for Scandinavian and country styling, white and wood was right up my street. I love that she does what she thinks is right for her house, seeing that here in Switzerland houses are either very modern (think a lot of glass and square houses) or very old fashion (think Heidi in the Alps). So stepping into her home which is totally renovated, mixing tradionational styles with the comfort of today, made me very happy that I had a big mouth who started this all!
Have a stroll around the first floor of her home, with the little guesthouse attached to the outside seating area. Her fitted kitchen made with old wood, her new but with a nod to the old style fireplace and her curtains from Ikea with a little Daniela touch on them. I truly was flattered that she asked me to come and take pictures and I think they show that her
Home is truly where the Heart is!
{click on the photo’s to make them bigger}

Daniela is in the process of starting a blog of her own,
so she will not remain silent for much longer!

* Thank you Daniela for letting us have a glimpse into your home! *

I hope you enjoyed it, see you soon!


22 thoughts on “A beautiful home in Switzerland ~ Swiss Style

  1. LindyLouMac

    Yet again the karma that comes with blogging amazes me. A new friend for you, a nosey peep at a beautiful home for us and when you let us know a new blog to follow.

  2. Blondie's Journal

    Daniela’s home is just beautiful. I could just imagine preparing a meal in that gorgeous kitchen. I love her taste in furniture as well. Please let us know when she starts blogging! :-)


  3. T's Daily Treasures

    Hey Maureen! You and your big mouth. :) How absolutely wonderful that Daniela invited you to her comfy, cozy home all because of your post. Isn’t this blog world just amazing that you can connect with someone so quickly. Her home is so lovely — bright and CLEAN! Thanks for sharing! Hope you are having a great day. Best wishes, tammy

  4. Amanda

    Sometimes a big mouth is a good thing – and you have a new blogging friend who lives nearby. I love the way the blogging world works don’t you?
    Amanda xx

  5. Dani

    Dear Maureen, you made my day! What a pleasure and honour to see our home on your wunderful blog. Thank you so much an I look forward to see you on soon here again.

  6. Sofies Haus

    Oh how lovely! Thanks for showing these pics! This is exactly how I supposed her home to be…
    beautiful and very comfortable…
    kind regards Anja

  7. Stilmittel

    Thanks Maureen for showing Danielas beautiful home. I do like her mixed style – it looks very comfortable. I’m looking forward to her own blog. Best wishes, Sandra

  8. flowers on my table

    Oh what a delight Maureen, how very kind of Daniela to let you and us into her lovely home. I love all the little close-up details like the keyhole, just lovely. Thankyou, have a great day, hope you had a nice time with your family? Linda

  9. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    Oh I am so glad that you were invited into Daniela’s beautiful home. It was great to have a look around and thank you to you both.

    Happy week

  10. with love

    Haha Maureen…zo zie je maar, gewoon je mond opendoen en laat alles gebeuren! Wat geweldig dat je uitgenodigd werd bij Daniela en wat een prachtig, gezellig huis! Super dat wij mee mogen genieten hoor! Bedankt!
    liefs, Erna

  11. Sarah Elizabeth

    What a beautiful home and what a lovely lady letting you come in and take photos to share with us all! I love that it’s so fresh and light but with some cosy homely touches too. I particularly love the wreaths hanging on the doors. Well done you and your big mouth! x x

  12. Melissa

    morning lovely gal…
    what a brilliant connection- someone emails you to ask you to sticky-beak into their house!!

    sound heavenly!!!!

    love her mix of old and new….adore the cushion on her couch and the tabs she’s added to her ikea cushions!!

    hope you get more people asking for your skills!!!!

    so do you i know!!
    happy tuesday to you and the gals

    melissa xxx

  13. Maaike

    Ha Maureen, dankjewel voor je vrolijke reacties op creJJtion en het plaatsen van het linkje! En ja, lijkt me heel leuk om eens echte thee te drinken in Zuid, goed plan! Mijn mailadres staat op m’n blog, mail je me als je weet wanneer je weer in de buurt bent? Gezellig….!
    Fijne dag, ik hoop dat de zon bij jou net zo lekker schijnt als hier,
    liefs van Maaike

  14. Laura

    Hi dearest Maureen! Such a lovely experience and such a lovely home! It seems to be so warm and comfortable! I love the garlands hanging down from those wonderful windows! Thanks to Daniela and to you for sharing! And yeaaaaaaah to your new header!
    Hug you.

  15. maureen

    Oh, so happy that the universe brought you both together. Her home is so lovely and your photographs are wonderful. Thank you both for sharing the beauty. It is my dream to live in a simple, beautiful environment like that.
    so glad you found my blog! I’m so happy to follow yours also!

  16. Ellen

    Hee Maureen, ik woon in St. Gallen, ben opgegroeid in Nederland…. je mag altijd voorbijkomen hier hoor!:)



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