Raise your hand if you have a blog….

Keep your hand up if your husband reads your blog…

Ok, now hold your hand up if your husband reads my blog….

How many of you still have their hands up in the air?

My point exactly!

{you can put your hand down now…}

I don’t think there where many hands up anymore, 
but I can tell you one girl who still had hers high up in the air….

She is not only very kind, her blog with
all the pretty things she shows on it, makes me feel good.
Like having a chocolate with your tea kind of good!

Why she still has her hand in the air you might think? Could it be true?
Well ladies, not only is she married to a handsome Italian man
{I’m just guessing here, 80% of Italian man are gorgeous…},
he also reads my blog.
Better yet, he has it on his blackberry.

Now I almost fell out of my bed when I found out about this,

so you can imagine that I was a little speechless when it really hit me, 
a man is reading my blog!

So, to come back to the Italian word in my title, Attraversiamo.

I heard this in the movie Eat, Pray, Love for the first time, seeing that I don’t speak Italian.
It means “Let’s cross over”. No, I don’t mean that Laura’s husband needs to cross over, I like that it can mean something other than literally crossing the street.
Crossing over to a place where men and women read what I write about,
that’s a pretty good place to be in!

Blogging has brought me so many moments of joy and things to think about,
 new friendships and most of all, a much more positive attitude to my surroundings.
I hope that everyone, women or men, who reads my blog,
will keep doing so with a smile!

So dear DM,
thank your for “crossing over” to my blog,
I feel flattered that you do!

Enjoy the day!


26 thoughts on “Attraversiamo

  1. Blondie's Journal

    He sounds like a wonderful man that takes an interest in what his wife loves to do {and personally loves your blog!}. My husband does not read blogs but likes to hear about the bloggers that I talk about. He will ask how they are doing! I love that!

    Hope you are feeling better, Maureen!


  2. Laura are the sweetest ever..I absolutely am speachless..DM is going to read this post in a few hours and I’m sure he’s gonna be very very happy and flattered too!
    A big, sincere hug!

  3. Lynda

    Haaaaaaaaaaa Maureen….je spreekt NEDERLANDS!!!! Dan laat ik mn Janboerenfluitjesengels maar snel achterwege;)!

    Mijn hand was overigens al snel omlaag :(……maar goed….mijn man is dan ook gewoon een nuchtere Nederlander;))))))


  4. dario maria

    Dear Mauree, I want to thank you for writing this post, I’m really surprised of your surprise! I read most of the blog related to Laura’s one and all her posts and I think you all do a great job!! It’s just another way to know something
    more about my wife and have a look around with women’s eyes…
    I will cross over again…

  5. Thisisme.

    Maureen – I’m afraid my hand went down fairly quickly! LOL! I absolutely adore that photo at the top of your blog. Crumbs, to have your blog on an Italian man’s blackberry. Wow, Life can’t get much better than that dear friend!

  6. vintch

    i have no doubt that people all over the world are reading your sweet, lovely blog, maureen. i, too, am so happy {thrilled} that we met in blogland. your comments always cheer me up and make me feel loved. you are such a gem and someone i’m proud to call a friend!

  7. Georgy

    That is fantastic. The word attraversiamo made me read this post and I am glad I did. I have just been reading the book Eat, Pray, Love and plan to see the movie once I have finished. G

  8. Dani

    Dear Maureen, it was a pleasure to have you here in my house today, thanks so much. I look forward to see you in two weeks;-)

  9. Melissa

    i love your thinking miss.m

    i love your blog…and am so intrigued by this very thoughtful man that i am going to have to pay his wife a visit….

    my hubster reads mine…but i don’t think he reads another….food for thought!
    & i adore this word…one of the few italian words i know too…but brilliant…

    glad you feeling better dear friend…
    melissa xxx


    Hey, great post. I’d like to think I’ve made a great friend in you as well. Sorry my hubby only reads my blog, but tonight I’ll let him read some of yours. SMILE!!!!!

    Love Lisa xx

  11. Beth

    Hi Maureen, glad that you’re feeling better. Husband reads my blog and even though he might not be a regular reader of others, I know that he lurks! Occasionally he will make a comment to me about something he has read….doubt he has any on his ipad though!
    Happy weekend to you. x

  12. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    Beautiful and touching post! Isn’t it lovely when men read our blog, I have at least two guys that read mine, one is my husband.
    Thanks for all you share and the happiness and smiles you give when we visit you.

    Happy weekend and I hope that you are recovering well. I wonder did any of your family get this too?

  13. Zane Wooder

    I’m a man and I read your blog all the time. I’m sure more women do but my friends who are guys also love your blog. Everyone loves your blog Maureen because it’s great.



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