Grateful for Time

The first week after I was so sick,
the sun was shining and I was playing a game with my little girl.

I’ve found it at a thrift store and it reminded me
that time is going so fast…
This game is old, the drawings, the box, the colors,
all shows that it has seen its share of owners. And yet it’s
still good enough to learn my girl where the pictures should go.
We played, we colored and after a while I started to think…
I had to fill out some forms that week and for my profession I wrote Hausfrau.
Mmmh, that was me? Yes, it was.
It is.
I am a mother who stays at home,
looking after her children,
in a different country…
a so called SAHM…
a Housewife….
a Hausfrau.
I wondered what these words still mean…
Here in Switzerland it is pretty normal, if not standard in some parts,
to stay at home when you have children…
In other countries you are frowned upon…

I sometimes only see the things that I don’t do anymore.
I don’t want to forget that part,
the part of me that is not only a mother or a wife,
but just me.
I loved working in my own little business…
having colleagues who did the same thing…
the planning and carrying out of so many things…

But then again, I choose this path for now,
to stay at home full time with my girls.
Living in another country than your own, can be difficult for
the whole family and having a man who needs to
travel for work, is all a big part of this decision.
It took me a long time…
but I can honestly say,
that I am Grateful
for walking this path.
That I am in this position, to see my girls more and to witness them grow up.
Their funny things, the sisterly way they behave, just
thinking about that makes me smile.
Inside and out.
Because Life is really short.
I am lucky to be healthy again…
Reading Debby’s post tonight, I truly realized, again, 
just how lucky I actually am…
Time is something to be Grateful for.

So playing with an old thrifted game,
coloring with every marker she has,
and then seeing her hide under the table,
thinking that I don’t see her,
that’s what makes these
 little moments in time
so special.
Little moments,
Big memories…

 * This post is linked to Sarah’s Good Life Wednesday *

26 thoughts on “Grateful for Time

  1. Carmel's Closet

    So true – the time passes by so quickly. Hiding in sight, such a sweet game, so precious. Like you, I have never regretted being a full time mum. There have been times when I felt I had to validate myself, when asked the ‘What do you do?’question. Enjoy your little girls, glad to hear you are feeling better.

  2. Laura

    Aww Maureen, what a beautiful post. I too struggle with the idea of being a stay at home mum. Wondering where I fit in the outside world… sometimes feeling guilty for wanting more… but then I stop myself (like you) and remember this is the most important part of my life and to savor every last minute of it… even the tantrums. Glad you’re feeling better. Lx

  3. Pattie T.

    You will never regret staying home with your children. People are always more important than things. I did the same. I left a very powerful job with lots of room for advancement to stay home with my two boys. Ten years later when it was time to go back to work, I worked only part time and in a job I really enjoyed. There’s a lot to be said for happiness and freedom over power and money. Life is not a dress rehearsal, we only go around once, so you what’s right for YOU.

  4. Lisa ~Suburban Retreat~

    I wish I had the option to stay at home with my boys but unfortunately, I couldn’t. I was a single Mom and HAD to work to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. I remember I never adhered to a bedtime because I was so thrilled to be home with the kids and our time together was so precious. You are so blessed, your situation is as close to perfection as it gets.

  5. with love

    Stjonge Maureen wat heb je dat weer mooi geschreven! En geniet van deze tijd! Ik ben ook
    thuisblijf moeder vanaf het begin en ik heb er geen spijt van, al mis je soms natuurlijk wel eens mensen om je heen, iets anders om over te praten! Maar als de kinderen groot zijn komt er misschien weer een kans! Pak alle mooie momenten met je kinderen en geniet! En iedereen is vrij om te doen wat hij of zij wil en wat de keuze dan ook is. Soms kun je niet anders dan een bepaalde keuze maken!
    Fijne dag, liefs Erna

  6. It's me

    Nou heerlijk een tevreden mens op de vroege morgen….wat een geluk !!…beter kan mijn dag niet beginnen……laat ?? ja maar wij hebben geen kinderen……….dus dan mag je ietsje later opstaan toch ?? ga zo werken…..tja……dat doe ik maar drie dagen hoor…..voor de rest geniet ik ook !!….LIEFS van mij…

  7. Belle Inspirations

    WOW What a beautifully powerful post so well written, thankyou for sharing, this moment in time that you are sharing with your precious children is one to be savoured, it’s truly priceless, we are truly blessed to be able to do this. Thankyou for leaving such lovely comments over at my blog. Have a wonderful week xx

  8. Laura

    Hi darling this is a life training..Such a lovely way to get me thinking about some important features.. You’re so sensitive,my dear!
    Hope you have a great time.

  9. Dani

    Dear Maureen, I also feel blessed to have the possibility to stay at home with my children, and only have to work in the office of my husband when they are at school. But I often hear from peoples “what, you don`t work?”. For me it is the most important and sometimes even more difficult “job” as my work as nurse, before the birth of my children. And in no other profession work I would have so much grown as human beeing.

  10. Happy Homemaker UK

    I am so glad that you are back :) I left my own business behind when we moved overseas. It has been a transition, but I still stay busy. I love being a SAHM more than anything :) The best job ever XOL

  11. LindyLouMac

    I always called myself a Homemaker when asked what my profession was or is actually just now it is just the two of us. A lovely post, enjoy every minute you can with your children, precious times.

  12. Stacey

    Beautiful post Maureen and i can so relate since i quit my job almost 2 years ago to become stay at home mommy to Baby Z. I’ve missed work and the camaraderie i had there, BUT, i haven’t regretted my decision to be a SAHM! Happy Wednesday! XX

  13. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    You have shared a beautiful post today and I enjoyed seeing your photos.
    A housewife is such an important job, to be there for your children and husband when they come home from work and school, they will love you for it.
    Glad to hear that you are feeling better.


  14. Leah

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m a SAHm too and am grateful I can be no matter how challenging it can be. Lovely pictures.

  15. Flotsam Friends

    Hi Maureen, I’m so glad I’ve found you. Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving such lovely comments. I’m now following you and will go back through your posts too. I love this post and I so get that feeling. Sometimes being a full-time Mum is harder than going to work. It’s so constantly demanding but something that makes you love, understand and know your children even better. You sound like you have such an interesting life living in a different country. Enjoy the time. That little game looks so, so cute. How old are your girls? Pruxxx

  16. m.e (Cathie)

    you should definitely feel like a proud mamma Maureen!
    it’s a big job, nurturing, caring, educating, loving and being there for children.
    most of us do it & I am more than happy to be a SAHM.

    thank you for sharing, I am very grateful aswell.

  17. m.e (Cathie)

    you should definitely feel like a proud mamma Maureen!
    it’s a big job, nurturing, caring, educating, loving and being there for children.
    most of us do it & I am more than happy to be a SAHM.

    thank you for sharing, I am very grateful aswell.

  18. m.e (Cathie)

    you should definitely feel like a proud mamma Maureen!
    it’s a big job, nurturing, caring, educating, loving and being there for children.
    most of us do it & I am more than happy to be a SAHM.

    thank you for sharing, I am very grateful aswell.

  19. Signe

    Such a sweet post Maureen and I am glad you are happy with the life you chose :)

    And poor Debby, I really feel for her…

    Have a great Thursday :)

  20. vintch

    Hi Maureen! I’m so glad you’re back:) I want nothing more than to be a SAHM one day…I think it’s one of God’s greatest joys and honors. Bless you, sweet friend!

  21. Tatum @ Many Moments Of Me

    Hi Maureen! This is a fabulous post. Though I am not a mommy yet it is a big job and a wonderful job. You should feel extremely proud and hold your head up high because it is a blessing to be able to be with your kids full time.

    Also, thank you for your comment on my site. They don’t want me for the closet, they just mentioned that they saw it lol. What did you mean by: you are on my list for my coming Hop and Skip Marathon, so now I can add this to the text right?

    Have a fabulous day!!

  22. Conny's Cottage

    Hallo Maureen,

    ik denk dat ik nederlands kan schijfen….je nam ist ja nederlands.

    Je blog ist leuk.
    Een vraag, woon jij in switzerland?

    groetes Conny

  23. Simply Mel {Reverie}

    i’m so happy our paths have crossed ~ and i couldn’t agree more about enjoying the little moments because this time with my crumb is rapidly fleeting! soaking up as much as i possibly can before she has better things to do than to play with mama!

    have a great weekend!


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