Here we go

I have to rectify my words from last time….
I don’t have a common cold, I have swine flu, can you believe this? So with 4 different types of medication I will have to be fully better soon! Because this cough is killing me softly….
Anyway, enough about this bad, bad flu!
I want to give my new readers an-oh-so-big WELCOME!
And if you are new here,
I normally don’t talk about sickness or have my daughter fill in for me (she did great didn’t she?) so you soon will find out that I normally only ramble about things that make me tick,
one way or the other.
I have some nice things coming up for this week,
so do come back to see what is going on here in my little corner.
Oh, my tea is cold again, I have to make a new one, can’t make my visits into Blogland without a nice cup of tea! And I have a lot of reading to do at many wonderful blogs,
so I will catch you soon!

22 thoughts on “Here we go

  1. Blondie's Journal

    Oh, Maureen…I feel for you. This is not your ordinary cold…no wonder you have been flat on your back. Hopefully you are improving with each passing day. Take it slowly. And yes, your daughter did a wonderful job filling in for you. She should have her own blog! ;-D

    Sending warm thoughts your way.


  2. Melissa @ Lulliloo

    Maureen, you poor thing! I can’t believe you are so unwell (I guess that goes with swine flu!) – I hope you are on the mend and will be well soon.
    Your daughter did a great job filling in.
    Get well soon! – Melissa xx

  3. Jill

    Oh Maureen poor you – I do hope you feel better very soon. Not nice at all. Like your new banner with the LOVE sign.
    Keep warm enjoy your tea.

  4. Thisisme.

    What a wonderful photo of the picket fence with the little heart hanging on it. Poor you, Maureen, Swine Flu. Crumbs, I do hope that you feel much better very soon. My Dr made me have an injection for swine flu back in the Autumn. She said that, although it had gone pretty quiet about it in the media, it was still very much out there. Sending a big (((hug))).

  5. vintch

    i am so, so happy you’re back, maureen! drink all the tea you can and rest up! the blogging world needs your ray of sunshine posts:)

  6. with love

    Welkom terug! Wat een vervelende griep zeg!
    Hopenlijk ben je weer snel de oude! Je dochter heeft prima waargenomen hoor.
    Ik kom deze week zeker nog eens langs!
    liefs, Erna

  7. T's Daily Treasures

    Hi Maureen, so sorry to hear that you have been so unwell. H1N1 is certainly going around but not getting the attention it did in the beginning. When I was sick and had fever for several days, my boss did warn me that there was a case here of H1N1 with one of our students, but we kept it quiet because everyone would go bonkers. Thankfully, for those who are strong and healthy to begin with, it will run its course and you will be good as new. Sending warm hugs and wishes your way and thanks to your lovely daughter for sitting in for you. xxx Tammy

  8. Stacey

    So sorry Maureen! I didn’t even know that you were sick! And with swine flu at that. I sure hope you feel better soon and that you’re getting plenty of rest.(which means you shouldn’t be blogging:-)). Lots of Hugs and Love to you. XX

  9. Melissa

    sweetie – i was diagnosed with swine flu last winter….but turned out i had pneumonnia and i was rushed to hospital for a week before christmas…just awful- i missed all my kiddos school plays…end of year christmas fairs blah blah blah and felt so sorry for myself…so i know what its like to be very poorly in the depths of what seems like an endless winter….
    let your gals take care of you…rest rest rest….& drink HOT tea where possible…
    we are making you up a little *get well soon…we heart you* box of goodies to post over….
    melissa xxx

  10. Laura

    Darling, take care of you!!
    And have a great’s a wonderful way to cuddle yourself!

  11. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    Oh you poor dear. I do hope that you are feeling better now dear friend.
    We came back from overseas and were scared when we had a high temp and coughing. We went to the Doctor and he gave us medication. Feeling much better now albeit a little tired. Hope that you are recovering well too.



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