Maureen thoughts

~ valentine’s art work detail ~

* this is going to be a slightly different post
* a bit more real, and a bit more rambling
* just so you know
* i just walked through my bloglist
* some of you will not see me in their following list anymore
* i’m sorry but i have to stay true to myself
* i don’t like this feeling that i have for some time now
* blogging is not a competition
* nor is it, to me, a popularity contest
* so only the blogs i really read, i keep on following
* please feel free to unfollow me if you don’t like what you read here
* again, stay true to yourself, i try to do this, everyday
* on a different note, i have found some lovely new blogs and i joined
* they make me feel good
* feeling good is more important to me than feeling popular
* move on maureen, enough said about this
* ok. did you know that tomorrow is valentines day?
* that I Love You is something you can say everyday to your loved ones, not only tomorrow
* i have new contact lenses in my eyes, right now
* the world seems brighter
* my virus is almost gone, thanks for all your well wishes
* spring is trying really hard here to outshine winter
* i cheer spring on, come on! you can do it!
* because i love the sun, really do
* i still am procrastinating things here in the house
* my old dresser is looking at me, thinking, when will she ever finish painting me?
* my two storage boxes are full with stuff
* i really need to spring clean, and we just moved in, where is all this stuff coming from?
* i have something to show you, soon
* i peeped in someone’s house again, with permission
* my mind is so full of thoughts, i wish i could store some of it
* like dumbledore, in harry potter, just pull it out and store it in a pot
* although my pot would be beautiful, decorated with lovely flowers, not some old grey thing
* sometimes my thoughts are slipping their way out of me, through my mouth
* my mouth has a life of it’s own
* really, i say things that where not allowed to leave my head, but still they do
* having a good time with girlfriends is something every woman needs to do

* i wish i could meet some of you in real life, we would have a hoot!

* i have a wish for so many things
* i wish for a new camera, a white pentax one, it is gorgeous and expensive
* or my wish for moving to a warmer country
* preferrably one with a coast
* so i can walk on the beach

* live in that cottage

* work in my own business

* while enjoying the sun

* i know everybody got troubles
* i prefer to have mine in the sun
* i know i have a good life
* i’m blessed with two healthy girls and my sweetheart
*  i have a mountain, lake and forest view
* every night i pray, thanking for my blessings

* but wishing and dreaming is something i do, all the time
* that’s why my blog name sums it up pretty good for me
* but only dreaming is not enough
* life is funny, so i have to be patient
* as you may know, the p-word is not in my vocabulary
* but i trust the universe, trust that they know what they are doing
* are you still with me?
* once i start rambling, it’s hard for me to stop
* so i just will
* stop.
Enjoy your Sunday!

25 thoughts on “Maureen thoughts

  1. Lynda

    dromen mag, dromen MOET;)…maar die dromen hoeven niet ALLEMAAL uti te komen, dan heb je geen dromen meer over ;)!
    Doen waar je je lekker bij voelt is al lastig genoeg, dus laat het ook niet nog eens een strijd zijn, strijd om….wat dan ook ;)


  2. Pavinee

    Hmm…I think I like rambling sometimes. We are human and we cannot think orderly all the time. It’s just too exhausting.

    And it’s true blogging is just being yourself not being popular to someone else.

    Hope you have a merry day.^-^

  3. Melissa

    oh lovely…don’t ever stop your mouth from having a mind of its own!

    sometimes thoughts are MEANT to come out!!

    i so agree that blogging is NOT a competition- it’s an extension of ones self…a sharing of ones experiences…friendship…

    i love your list writing…i may try that one day…
    i can hear you saying it…even though i’ve never actually heard your voice…isn’t that amazing…

    spring my little warm hearted friend…
    we are both counting the days…hours…minutes together…

    hugs from here to there…melissa xxx

    is that your gals creative valentines piece up there?
    she needs to do a project post!! gorgeous! x

  4. with love

    Kijk daarom is het zo leuk hier, jij weet dingen zo leuk en goed onder woorden te brengen! Het lijkt me heerlijk een wandeling met jou te maken langs het strand…volgens mij ben je binnen no-time kilooometers verder, voor je het weet!
    fijne valentijnsdag, en geniet van elkaar!!
    liefs, Erna

  5. Maaike

    Hai Maureen, wat een prachtige tekst weer! En wat goed van je, ik durf nog niet zo goed te ont-volgen… Iemand deed het laatst wel bij mij, haha en ik kom er natuurlijk nooit achter wie het was. Ik heb in ieder geval geen lijstje bijgehouden. Maar goed, des te meer vereerd ben ik dat je mij nog steeds volgt ;-).

    Een hele fijne zondagavond voor jou en ik ben blij dat je jezelf weer beter voelt!

    liefs, Maaike

  6. Dani

    Liebe Maureen, schön, dass Du uns an Deinen Gedanken teilhaben lässt. Auch was Du über das Bloggen geschrieben hast finde ich sehr wichtig. Das schöne am Bloggen ist doch, dass Menschen miteinander in Kontakt treten , die sich sonst nie sehen würden und so Gedanken und Inspirationen ausgetauscht werden können. Viele meiner Projekte haben ihren Anstoss in irgendeinem Blog erhalten. Viele gute Ideen konnte ich so auf meine Bedürfnisse abgewandelt umsetzen. Für mich sind die schönsten Blogs die, wo Menschen mit offenen, gebenden Herzen dahinter sind. Wo ich mich willkommen fühle, ohne dass ich mich in eine Leserliste eintrage(habe ich noch nie gemacht, weil ich so ein Compidödel bin und nicht weiss, wie es geht und wozu das gut sein soll;-) und unter jeden Beitrag einen Kommentar schreibe.
    Ich wünsche Dir und Deiner Familie einen schönen Wochenstart und ich bin froh, dass Du den Weg in die Schweiz gefunden hast, auch wenn ich Dir natürlich etwas mehr Wärme von Herzen gönnen würde.

  7. Melissa K @ Lulliloo

    Hello Maureen, I’m so glad to know that you’re finally on the mend and you’re feeling well.
    I did enjoy your post – I think that staying true to yourself is the most important thing above all.
    I hope you continue feeling better – Melissa

    PS. I’ve posted something for you on my blog and I hope you’ll accept it! xx

  8. Claudia

    Hi Maureen thank you so much for passing through my blog!
    I’m thinking about writing posts in english too, but right now it’s only an idea. If you go to the translator, a window will open and there’s written “36 more language”, click there and you will find English at the end of the first coloumn! ;)
    Hope you will visit me again ;) It’s a pleasure!

  9. It's me

    Mooie post Maureen…….prachtig blijf zoals je bent …dan kunnen wij lekker genieten van je mooie blog !!!…liefs Ria………………❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤……❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤…….❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤…..

  10. Stacey

    Rambling is great for the soul:-). Blogging should be fun and not a popularity contest and Happy Valentine’s Day to you. XX

  11. Jane

    Oh, Sweetie, I hear you! This week I realised I was following 528 blogs! Ridiculous, I know. So I stopped following about 200 of them, the ones which never responded to my comments or hardly ever posted. And now I feel so much more ‘in control’. Amazing, to realise I could make such a decision. So know you are not alone! Oh, and I love replacing my contact lenses monthly, too! J x

  12. Sarah Elizabeth

    This post made me laugh – I love your ramblings. I know what you mean about loving your life but still dreaming about living a different life. I’m living my dream but I still have more dreams. I think it would be sad to stop dreaming.

    Happy Valentine’s Day x x

  13. Laura

    Hi Maureen, darling…I guess that’s sooo wrong when blogging become a sort of job…or a competition as well…
    You know how I feel about all this crazy things…and you know that I adore you.
    You’re so clever.

  14. Thisisme.

    Lovely post Maureen and I loved all your ramblings. So pleased you are feeling much better now. I have been in bed with flu for the past four days and still feeling no better,but at least the sun is shining in through the window at the moment! I so agree with you about blogging, and it not being a popularity contest. I have been getting a little stressed with mine lately, because the more followers you gain, the harder it is to keep up with everyone and leave comments on their blogs etc. With a lot of people, it almost seems like it is a competition. I honestly don’t feel like that, and I am more than happy with the number of Followers I have at the moment. It’s difficult really to get the balance just right, but as my daughter keeps saying, “mum, it’s supposed to be FUN, for goodness sake!”

  15. flowers on my table

    Maureen,you must be starting to feel better, thats good. I loved your straight-talking ramble! I think its hard to find a balance between dreaming and being content and grateful for what you already have. I am new to blog land and don’t know much but I think you have to be selfish and do it for no-one else but you. I love it that you call your husband “sweetheart” it’s so romantic. Happy Valentines Day, love Linda x.

  16. bethani

    you shouldn’t feel sorry… i was the same way for awhile about this blogging is a competition this.. i hate it so much & don’t like what it has become to some folks. they take something so simple and make it become something it never should become.

    i’m glad to have you as a blogger friend. i enjoy your warmth and heartfelt comments on my posts when you stop by. ♥

  17. Celestial Charms

    Hi Maureen,
    Happy Valentine’s Day. Hope you are enjoying yours. Thanks for stopping by to say hi today. It is my first day back to blogging in ages, and I’ve got lots of things to catch up on….:)

  18. Sarah

    A lovely post Maureen … thank you for stopping by the other day and checking in on my growing bump. All is going well and we are looking forward to meeting our new little one in July … sleep and rest has been high on my list of late (i have been feeling it – especially on hot days)
    x hope you are feeling much better !

  19. LindyLouMac

    Maureen, it sounds like you and I have been having similar thoughts. I really enjoy blogging and have made some lovely virtual friends but like you I am trying to cut back the number of blogs I follow it was spiraling out of control. I no longer subscribe to comments by email either as my inbox went into meltdown! I will not be deserting you though my virtual friend.

  20. Marbella Mummy

    Hi Maureen, thanks for your message on my blog. I enjoyed reading your ramblings, it felt very familiar. I think we have a lot in common. I’m glad you are almost better. x

  21. Flotsam Friends

    I love your crazy words. You speak from the heart and you are so, so right. You make perfect sense to me. Remember this quote: “There is no pleasure in having nothing to do. The fun is in having lots to do and not doing it”… I don’t know where it came from but I can certainly relate to it. Pruxxx


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