Feel good flowers and a little talk…

Before we go to my feel good flowers and an old crate,
let’s have a talk first….
Flying by the seat of my pants….
That could be my slogan, right under Daydream Living.
You see, 
I’m not the plan-and-map-it-all-out-kind of girl.
I like to take things a bit more
au naturel (no, not naked),
you know, go with the flow,
and let your creative juices go!
{although sometimes the flow needs planning when one has two kids, I’ll admit…}
So lately I was thinking about me and my blog.
When I started this journey almost 8 months ago, I wanted to be more creative again.
I have talked about different topics, most of the posts I’ve made in the heat of the moment and
I like the interaction that comes with blogging.
But I want to talk more about some of the things I really enjoy doing,
 like going to thriftstores, writing, painting old stuff, taking more photographs, decorating,
travelling and fluffing my nest.
I love to write. I love to talk. I love to take pictures. I love reading decorating magazines.
So having a blog is perfect to write about all of this.
And after 114 posts, I had some thoughts floating around my brain.
I was thinking of some of my dreams and wishes.
One in particular kept floating around…
 What if I do all the things I so enjoy,
write about it and share it with the people who like reading my blog,
perhaps that wish will come true…
You see,
I would love to be a regular writing contributor for an
 interior decorating or lifestyle magazine.
There. I wrote it. It’s here for all to see.
I truly believe that if you do what you love, good things will come your way.
Have you heard of the Law of Attraction?
Like attracts Like? Positive energy meets Positive energy?
So I will try this and see where it will take me!
{and if you are an editor who happens to be on the look out for a girl like me, I am available!}
Now, on with my white feel good flowers in a wooden beer crate.

There was a time that I didn’t think they were so cool to have.

These Pansies, or Viooltjes in Dutch, look tender but they are strong and bloom for months.
And now I love them and to me they represent Spring!
I needed twenty in my favourite color, white with a spot of yellow in the middle.
On one of my many trips to the thriftstore, I found this old wooden beer crate.
It looks like it can tell a story or two about men drinking their beer and telling tales.
I will never know ofcourse but I’m pretty sure that they where not thinking that someday,
a girl would stick some plants in their manly crate…

And at first that was not what I had in mind to use it for.
I wanted to clean it up and give it a little white washed look, so it could hold my wrapping papers.

But then the sun came out, the weather was good and my garden
was looking like me when I’m just out of bed…
I needed some feel good flowers pronto!

And with a small effort I changed the look of a little corner in the garden.
No cleaning up, no white paint.
Just a manly beer crate with some womanly flowers.
A perfect combination!

The plants where a little to small to stand all the way up, so I used plastic bags to elevate them.

I didn’t remove the piece of string that was still on the crate but attached a wooden heart to it.
A brush with some white paint still on it from my new-old bench (you will see that in another post)
was still lying there, so I slapped gently brushed it on to give it a little difference in color.

For me, being creative is not about having
brilliant ideas or making huge projects.

A lovely detail and the simple joy of creating something,
that to me is what makes it beautiful.

See you soon!



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20 thoughts on “Feel good flowers and a little talk…

  1. flowers on my table

    Gorgeous Maureen. The little whitewashed heart really just completes the picture of lovliness. I wish you every success with your dream of writing for a magazine. I don’t see why it won’t come true, you are creative and funny, a winning combination in my book! Have a great day.Love Linda x.

  2. Dani

    Maureen, was für eine wunderschöne Bierkiste, ich bin hin und weg. Sowas findet man bei uns im Brockenhaus??
    Mir gefällt sie so, ungestrichen und mit den weissen Stiefmütterchen ausgesprochen gut.
    Und was mir auch seeeeehr gut gefällt, ist die Decke(?), weiss/grau gestreift mit den weissen Sternen. Gibt es diese in der CH?
    big hug
    Dani (ich müh mich immer noch mit der Blogtechnik ab;-)

  3. Thisisme.

    You would be an excellent contributor to one of these home and interiors magazines, and I really do wish you luck with that one. No harm in putting it out there – your certainly have the flair for making simple things look just gorgeous, as in the planted beer crate, with the little painted heart. Your photos are always a joy as well.

  4. Happy Homemaker UK

    Ooh, that is so exciting. I am so glad that you put it ‘out there’. I’d like to publish a book one day – see, I just put it out there. Girl, you are infectious!

    Love the flowers, crate, and heart – you are such a natural! Thank you for joining my first Post Of The Month Club ;) XOL

  5. American in Bath

    Being able to write in two languages can only help in your quest. I don’t read interior design magazines, but if the writing were this good, I most certainly would.

  6. Anya adores

    Stunning – love the little heart. Would love a crate like this one. And good luck in your quest – you’ll get there I’m sure.
    Following you btw – hope you’ll like what I do and follow me too ;O)
    A x

  7. Flotsam Friends

    I’m in love with those most perfect little hearts too! You have such a wonderful way with words I can’t see why your dream can’t become reality. You’ve put it out there… P.S. And your life over there is fascinating to say the least. Pruxxx

  8. Maaike

    prachtige tekst ~ as always ~ en ik hoop dat het tijdschrift op je pad komt! Mooie krat ook weer, leuk gevuld in verschillende gedaantes.

    oh ja en het gaat goed met je lievelingsstad hoor :-). Lekker zonnig de laatste dagen, echt heel fijn. En al weer vol toeristen, ik vind het altijd grappig om ze weer toe te zien stromen in het voorjaar.


  9. Het Bovenhuis

    Ha Maureen,
    Marinus Knoope, bedenker van De Creatiespiraal zegt daarover: “Zoals de bloesem in de lente een voorbode is van het fruit in de zomer, zo zijn wensen en verlangens van mensen een voorbode van hetgeen ze later kunnen realiseren”. Zet ‘m op!
    Enne… heel fijn als je mee doet ;-). Kun je haken? Dat kan ik dus weer niet :-).
    Hartelijke groet,

  10. Maxabella

    Maureen, that’s gorgeous. I like the crate very much indeed.

    You know, I can’t help but feel that the universe has even bigger plans for you. I think one day you will own your own online lifestyle magazine and everyone else will be begging to contribute to it. Let’s see… let’s see! x

  11. Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig

    Your blog is just beautiful!

    And I certainly think that your dreams are well within reach, my friend!
    I too dream of writing for a decor mag, just keep plugging away, really great blogs DO get noticed!

    All the best,

  12. The fishermans cottage

    I love what you have done with the beer crate, what a great way to display, what we call pansies and the little heart really makes it.

    I do hope you achieve your dream :) x

  13. Beth

    I would read your column Maureen.
    I think you have the abilty and the talent to follow this dream. Keep going with your fabulous blog and wait and see where it takes you…
    Maybe you should put your dream on your profile so that all important editor will read it?
    Have a great weekend.

  14. *Maristella*

    Hi Maureen…anche a te piacciono le viole…in questo caso sono bianche, eleganti e molto suggestive!
    Bella la vecchia cassetta…che ormai non si trovano più!
    Un caro saluto, *Maristella*.

  15. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    What a beautiful display of pansies in the beer crate. Aren’t pansies the sweetest little flowers. I bought some pansy plants at the garden center and have shown on my weekend post.
    May your dreams come true, hope that the Editor will spot this post.

    Have a happy weekend

  16. lisaroyhandbags

    Just found you through Laura’s linky party. Good for you for putting it out there and I totally believe the laws of attraction will bring good things to you. and hey, if you need an art director for that interior design mag, drop me a note! love your crate :)

  17. LindyLouMac in Italy

    Hi my friend calling by today from Happy Homemaker UK as participating in Post of the Month and really enjoying meeting everyone else and reading their favourite posts. I love the pansies in the beer crate idea.

  18. Melissa

    I hear you my dear friend…
    lets show our creative side more…i love this post of yours…
    we wanna know what you love to live with….
    something coming your way will look mighty gorgeous next to this and your lovely bench seat honey bun….
    happy saturday xxxxx


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