{little girl talk}
me: ….so you speak Dutch
she: yes, I speak Dutch
me: and you are Dutch too, you know
she: no, I’m not Dutch! I am a girl…
A little comment from my little girl…
There are so many negative and heartbreaking
things happening lately,
we all watch the news what is happening in Japan,
we all know someone who is sick or needs help,
in one way or another…
Focusing on the good things in life can be hard on some days,
but then this little comment from my little girl
makes me smile,
and I know,
 life goes on…
‘a point of concentration’.
I love this word,
it’s my favourite and my best,
right after the word
Who doesn’t love the word Love?
Ok, perhaps if you are heartbroken,
I can see that it’s probably not your favourite word right now,
but money doesn’t make the world go round,
it’s Love!
“Love wins. Love always wins.”
Quote from Tuesdays with Morrie
{A great book, I will talk about it another time}.
I’m not that good at it,
I am easily distracted,
 but that’s ok,
at least I try, right?
You see, like this post,
I just wanted to tell you about this little comment and
on and on I go about other things…
But you know what I mean,
Enjoy your day!

16 thoughts on “Focus

  1. flowers on my table

    Ah Maureen, how sweet, don’t you just love kid’s logic. Yes, focus is a good word for me, a bit of a butterfly! And as for LOVE well, that is everything. To think that some people live without receiving any love, or comfort or support is heartbreaking! I have just been reading a blog called Amazing Grace about the adoption of a little girl called Sophia. It was really touching and I am felling all emotional now. Need to go and eat some cake! Have a happy day, love Linda xx

  2. LindyLouMac

    Words of Wisdom Maureen, I do try to stay focused but I have a butterfly brain according to my loved ones which makes it hard! Take Care x

  3. WinnibriggsHouse

    A very good mantra, but being a Libran (birth sign) that is so hard to do. So many lovely things to do and so little time. However the one thing I do focus on is my good fortune, good health and fabulous family, something I am so grateful for every day.

  4. It's me

    Heerlijke woorden….en zo waar !!!…geniet van de hele kleine dingen van het leven lieverd….dan vind je je geluk !!…en mijn gedachten en gebeden zijn bij de mensen in Japan wat verschrikkelijk !!!…liefs van mij……LOVE ….xxx…

  5. T's Daily Treasures

    Hi Maureen, with each event that hits close to home, I learn more and more to appreciate the little things in each and every day; I don’t grumble when I have to rise early. I am thankful for everything in each and every day. Even the yucky little bits that might occur. Sending all good wishes to you and hours. Many blessings, Tammy

  6. Thisisme.

    That was a very focused post today Maureen! Love the comment by your little girl, and I loved all things pink!! All we can do, amidst all this tragedy, is to try to concentrate on our little corner of the world and make sure that we give out lots of love and kindness to all that we know.;

  7. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    What a precious comment from your sweet daughter.
    With all that is going on around the world it is heartbreaking so loved reading your post.
    Focus on the good side of life, is such a great quote.

    Happy week

  8. Emma Burgess

    Hi Maureen,

    I have finally made it over to your blog, what a treat for me! Your little one sounds very cute, last week Molly (3years) said, ‘Daddy is bery funny. He’s a big girl”! Hugs to you. Emma.

  9. Laura

    Wooooow,such a lovely, wise little girl! As I posted some days ago, I’ m desperately trying to focus on smiling!! It’s not easy, at all!

  10. vintch

    i can always count on your sweet posts to cheer me up. you have such a lovely outlook, and i am so thankful that you’ve got this blog to share it with us:)!

  11. Tatum @ Many Moments Of Me

    Very sweet! She’s a girl, not Dutch lol. I enjoy how matter of fact your posts are. We do need to do our best to focus on the good side of life, and send prayers up for those who are struggling to see the good right now. If we take the time to just stop and reflect and focus we can become very aware of what is happening in our personal world and the world around us. Focus gives us direction :-)

    Have a wonderful day Maureen!


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