Hop & Skip Marathon ~ day one

Yep, yep, yepperdi-yep!
{I just felt like saying this….}
All those days without making posts,
where have I been you might think?
Have you seen that blond girl with the big boobs,
looking through house magazines in the supermarket
and then putting them all back?
You did? Next time do say hi…
Although you probably will say hi to a stranger,
but that’s ok, who knows what a lovely conversation
you might have with her…
 I can tell you that it wasn’t me…
ok, I was scanning those magazines from back to front,
but I’m not blond and my booby’s are
proud members of the SBOE…
{small bra organisation of europe}
{would the word booby attract spam? hope not…}
 On to my title of today.
Actually of  two days, because I like so many and if I do this
two days, it will feel like running a Marathon, right?
or a Hopathon….
or Skipathon….
Mmmh, on second thought, let’s just stick with
Hop and Skip Marathon.
Day one

Like I said before,
no warming up needed….
Just your cup of tea, coffee, lemonade or bottle of wine..
Did I write bottle? I mean glass…
For my new readers,
 who by now are perhaps thinking,
‘what is this girl talking about?’
It’s this little serie where I highlight blogs
I really like to read, only instead of just one
I will show some more.
So for today and the next post,
I will put on my sporting outfit,
wriggle myself in running shoes,
take a deep breath and
grab a second cookie and dunk it in my tea
jog in one place and look like a real running person,
while reading blogs…
amazing, I know!
{it’s a good thing this isn’t a real run-your-heart-out-thon…
I would be dead before we where at day two….}
Now, get ready-set-hop-and-skip!
* * *
I’m starting with a lovely girl from Oz, who lives in England. 
Meet Melissa, from the blog Lulliloo.
She is very creative and her blog is a nice mix of fashion and home.
I enjoy reading it!
Melissa recently gave me a beautiful award!
I was really happy with this because she wrote:
“…it made me reflect on what defines a blog with substance to me.
For me it is a blog that combines personal insight, great images,
creativity and a healthy dose of personality!”

Yep, my smile was big that day!
And I was in good company too, go and see for yourself who the other 5 lovelies where.
Thank you so much Melissa!
* * *
She went all the way from the UK to Oz, that is what the next girl did.

She writes about her life Down Under with her family.

Coming from Wales she shows how she is adapting to the Oz side of life.
And to be honest, looking trough her eyes into that far away land, I try not to have any envy…
{I already mentioned a gazillion times that Australia is my nr. one still-to-visit country….}
I’m glad to have found her blog.
Don’t forget to see her photo’s of cane toads….brrr!
That is also Australia…
* * *
On to America. Now this girl likes to talk a lot, like me, so I instantly felt at home.
Meet Tatum from the blog Many Moments of Me.
Tatum is not only funny and really sweet, she also has a very creative side.
Busy with her life together with her soon to be husband, you can follow the process
of the renovations they make. Recently she got a surprise email,
from the Nate Berkus show, how cool is that!
Go and read all about the Moments of Tatum.
* * *
The next girl lives in Ireland.
Meet Linda from the blog Flowers on my Table.
Linda is so nice and I was glad that she had found me.
A decorative artist and florist working from her home, a mum and a wife, she does it all.
I like her home pictures and her organizing tips of the day links to Martha,
always a good inpiration source.
Go and have a look at how she restored a dresser and I hope
you will welcome her to Blogland, like you all did with me.
* * *
On to Italy for the next girl who comes from Scotland.
Meet Sarah Elizabeth from the blog Sarah Elizabeth.

She moved to Italy for love, how romantic is that?
I love this photo of her engangement shoot, true romance!
When you visit her blog you can read about her wedding day, the renovation
of their home in Italy, different creative projects she makes and her Friday photo’s.
Sarah Elizabeth is a very nice girl, I enjoy reading her posts, but go see for yourself
what she has to share.
* * *
And for today’s last girl, we go to the USA.
Meet Maureen from the blog Cottage 960.
I met Maureen (I truly love her name) not so long ago
but I instantly fell for her photography style combined
with the way she shares things going on in her life.
Check out her Projects, I think they are great,
she is a gifted photographer .
Truly one of my daily walks in Blogland,
go have a stroll around her blog and get inspired.
* * *
If you are here and
hopped and skipped
trough all these lovely blogs,
well done you!
One more day to go!
See you soon!

copyright photo’s:
1,2,3,4 and 5:
Me, Melissa, Beth, Tatum, Linda
photo 6:
Craig Mcbeth for Sarah Elizabeth
photo 7:

19 thoughts on “Hop & Skip Marathon ~ day one

  1. Blondie's Journal

    Hi Maureen!

    You were on a roll today! Congratulations on your award!

    Thanks for all the links to these wonderful bloggers…they all sound like great blogs and I will check them out. Have a great day!


  2. Melissa

    morning…running shoes are OFF at my end…ugg boots on and my father-in-law has just handed me a take away coffee!
    so i am starting with the gals on your list- that i don’t already know- and spending more time feeling sorry for myself and blog hopping…thankyou gorgeous!
    melissa xxx

  3. Laura

    I absolutely have to find another way to say :I adore you, Maureen!!! I know I’m boring…I always use the same words…but the fact is that…I adore you! (Whoooops, I did it again!!!).
    PS: I run and visit these ladies!

  4. Sarah Elizabeth

    Thank you so much for linking to me and for your kind words about my blog. It made my day! Thank you also for the links to the other blogs – I’ve been in need of some new reading material, it’s a while since I’ve found anything new I like so I’m looking forward to checking these out. Hope you’re having a nice day x x

  5. LindyLouMac

    Oh Maureen I am off to hop and skip over to all these great sounding blogs you have featured, except Sarah Elizabeth whose blog I already read and love. Problem is I think I might be increasing my reading list again thanks to you! x

  6. flowers on my table

    Maureen you are so kind and generous. I am sooo excited that you linked to me, I can,t believe it! Thankyou.I am going right away to check out all these other interesting people you have highlighted. I really laughed out loud when I read the blonde big boobie bit. Especially the bit about reading the mags and putting them back..ha ha! lots of love to you, Linda xxx

  7. Beth

    Thank you for the link Maureen – that was a lovely thing for you to do. (I was thrilled and excited!) I’ll certainly be having a read through the blogs that you mentioned.
    Have a lovely day.

  8. Laura

    Just read your sweet comments..you know,I’ve no idea about the reason why my profile picture disappeared!! Did my blog reject me?!
    Hope tomorrow I’m gonna check and solve the problem!
    Thanks for makin’me see it..
    DM cheers you!

  9. maureen

    You are such a sweetie! {must be the name :)}
    Thanks for including my little corner of the world, and I can’t wait to go about visiting these other lovely bloggers.

  10. Laura

    Hi Maureen… good to catch up with you… Had a look at the blogs you showed us today… there is just so much talent out there, that I could easily lose a day (week) browsing… unfortunately, my girls have other ideas! So, I finally get to catch up before bed. I’m juggling a lot of projects at the moment (namely painting the kitchen), so I’m not around as much as I would like… but like you, I’m itching to get something out there and chat with all the lovely folk out there. Take care. Lx

  11. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    Lovely to have a post from you and big Congratulations for your award.
    Also thanks for sharing the blog love and will go and visit ~ aren’t there some beautiful blog friends out there!
    Hope that you are having a great week


  12. Happy Homemaker UK

    Ooh, I love your list :) We must be on the same blogging trails, because I follow most of these too! Why, what good taste you have! See, twins.

    Congratulations for your award, sweetie. You deserve it. Off to check out the two new blogs to me… XOL

  13. Melissa K @ Lulliloo

    Thanks for your lovely words Maureen :) I found this before I got your comment to let me know, so imagine my surprise to see little ole me on here!
    I’m putting on the running shoes and jogging along to these other blogs now!
    Have a lovely day – Melissa xx

  14. Tatum @ Many Moments Of Me

    Hi Maureen! Aren’t you just the kindest sweetest person ever!! I am so sorry that I am just now getting back to you but I am THRILLED that you thought of my blog and figured it link worthy. I will absolutely check out the other bloggers that you linked.

    What a great way to make new blog friends!

    Thanks again, hugs!!


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