Hop & Skip Marathon ~ day two

Second day of showing some blog love!
If you just tuned in,
I started this little Marathon with day one.
So if you all are rested,
changed your Uggs or flip flops for running shoes,
and have a drink nearby,
let’s Hop and Skip to some other lovely blogsters!
* * *
Up next is, as she herself says, a “pom” living down under.
Meet the lovely Carmel from Carmel’s Closet.


Carmel is very creative and has a great talent for crafting.
She followed her Love to the other side of the world and
now many years later, she still lives her life in the Nothern beaches of Sydney.
On her blog she shares her creative projects and life with her family.
I loved reading seven things about herself.
If you want, skip and see for yourself how lovely she is.

* * *

Another very creative girl is also from the UK and living in Oz.

Meet Amanda from the blog Ellieboo.

She lives with her daughter Ellie (also known as The Kid, or Boo).
When I first stumbled upon her blog, I couldn’t stop reading about their life. I love that she writes with a big mama heart about her girl, the truly adorable creations she makes and I love that she makes lists, like me!
Hop to see for yourself what I mean.
And I’m going to copycat that kiss she has made for my own two girls.

* * *

Bringing a little bit of the USA to the UK, in her own style, that is what the next girl does.

Meet the lovely Laura from the blog Happy Homemaker UK.


It’s always a pleasure to read her blog.
She is witty and the way she looks at her host country is really inspiring.
Always up for a chat, she is hosting an Expat Link Party on March 19th,
so put on your pj’s, that is the dress code, and hop over to Laura.

* * *

Moving on to the other side of the world, to Illinois.

Meet Amy from the blog Lucky Number 13.

I truly like her personal way of blogging.
She writes about her daily life, her family,
and her love for photography, {she makes beautiful pictures!}
Also, she and I heart sarcasm, I love that about her.
Some of you already know her from her weekly
Virtual Coffee on Tuesday, which she hosts.
Amy is not new to blogging but for the people who haven’t met her,
skip to America and enjoy her world.

* * *

And last but not least for today…

She doesn’t take herself too seriously…
She loves Anthropologie…
and Target…
Some of you may already know who I’m talking about…

Meet Kasey from the blog Kasey Buick, one girl talks.

{The name of her blog used to be Lola B’s, in case you are confused}.
She is truly talented with words, which she likes to dip in humor mixed with sarcasm.
She writes about her daily life (even ordinary moments are funny the way she describes them),
 her children and husband, her trip to Paris, it doesn’t matter what she talks about,
 she really can make me laugh outloud.
 Honest mothering her way into my screen, her blog is a daily read for me and many others.
So if you don’t know her yet, go and meet a great blogster.

* * *

If you, again, hopped and skipped all the way to the end, well done!

And a big
for reading my blog.

I hope you have found some blogs you haven’t visited before.

Now I have to go, I have mama duties waiting for me,
have a good weekend everyone!


photo’s copyright,
nr. 1, 2,3, 4,5,6:
Me, Carmel, Amanda, Laura, Amy and Kasey

15 thoughts on “Hop & Skip Marathon ~ day two

  1. Kasey

    great blogs you have featured…and thank you for the shout out! Looks like i have some new blogs to read;-)

  2. T's Daily Treasures

    Hey Maureen! I just read through your last few posts. Girl, you are crazy! I always giggle when I read your posts. Will definitely be visiting some of your highlighted bloggers. I was a SAHM for 5 years and loved it. Enjoy the moments! Have a great weekend. Tammy

  3. Laura

    Mmmm…I’m going to be hop-skip-marathon addicted!!!
    Enjoy your mama duties…I’m going to be the same!!

  4. {Amy}

    oh, i love checking out new blogs i have never ran across before, that’s what i’m going to do now! thanks so much for adding little old me to this little list : ) and happy weekend to you!

  5. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    It is a full time job trying to get to visit all the wonderful blogs you are sharing.
    Thank you and wishing you a beautiful weekend.


  6. Carmel's Closet

    Hi Maureen,
    Thank you for thinking of me in your hop and skip. That’s so sweet of you and I’m very flattered.
    Hoping you have a super dooper weekend. We are enjoying a resurgence of hot beach weather this weekend.

  7. LindyLouMac

    “I hope you have found some blogs you haven’t visited before.”
    Yes thankyou Maureen now I have even more lovely blogs to read!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Tami

    Lucky #132 :) Your message on my blog today was responsible for an ear to ear smile. Hoofing it from my place down to the SM pier, it just seemed the the entire world coming together. Can’t wait to dive into your blog and enjoy ALL the different parts of it. Because it’s the parts, that make the whole- right? xo Tami

  9. Amanda

    Hi Maureen, I do so love dsicovering some lovely new blogs, and I think your little marathon is such a lovely idea. Now I just need to put a ‘do not disturb’ sign up so that my family will leave me to my reading….
    Amanda xx

  10. Ellieboo

    Wow thank you Maureen – what a lovely little write up about my blog. I was really chuffed to be included in your marathon, ha ha – off to check out the other chicks you have recommended.
    Amanda at Ellieboo


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