11 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. Melissa


    loving those jeans…your fave & your best!!
    i know those kind- can never ever throw them out!!!
    M xxxxxxx

  2. Signe

    Oh I just hate it when a pair of favorite jeans are getting old and raggedy and not fit for public appearances anymore :'(


  3. vintch

    i love jeans like this. jeans that you can’t really wear out, but you love to wear them in:) happy painting!

  4. LindyLouMac in Italy

    Maureen you are a very busy blogger at the moment, posting every day. :)
    There is nothing more comfy than faithful old jeans, look forward to viewing the finished project.
    Do you have any idea why my photos are not showing in sidebars at the moment by any chance :(

  5. Tuur

    Geweldig en zo herkenbaar!
    En je riem, zo ziet die van mij er ook uit, ook die blijf ik maar omdoen..


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