28 thoughts on “Where is it?

  1. Thisisme.

    Brilliant photos Maureen!!! I think your inspiration is hiding somewhere along with mine. They’re probably together! I agree with Lisa above, I do think that sometimes a bit of a break is necessary. We’ll all still be here!

  2. Jill

    Hi me again, I posted and then saw a big spelling mistake. So here goes again.
    Well judging by the photos I think your MOJO is returning. You are very clever and talented.

  3. Becca's Dirt

    Girl that is how I felt a couple of weeks ago and just refused to do anything either. I took myself shopping and bought some plants and dirt. That made me feel better. Hope you can do the same soon. Maybe get out and go to the mall or something like that. This time of year too. Have a great day and feel better soon.

  4. with love

    Nou de foto’s zijn echt super! Daar zijn verder geen woorden meer bij nodig! En die inspiratie komt vast wel weer…
    liefs, Erna

  5. Conny's Cottage

    Hoi ,

    wat leuk dat je echt in zwitzerland woonst.
    Ik ben duits.Maar mijn man is net als jij.Wij heben ook 3 jaar in zwitzerland geleeft.
    Een wij hebben er een super mooi leuke tijd gehad.

    maag ik vraagen waar je woont.Ik gaa het niet op mijn blog posten.

    groetjes Conny

  6. Flotsam Friends

    Hi Maureen, never mind, it happens sometimes!! It took me a while to embrace 2011 myself. Something amazing is just around the corner I’m sure… Like maybe another person who’ll let you into their amazing love shack?? Hang in there. We’re not going anywhere. Pruxxx

  7. Jane

    Oh, Sweetie, don’t stress. Life has an * inconvenient* habit of getting in the way of blogging, sometimes. We understand. I’m not going anywhere! J x

  8. Laura

    You are…you are…my sweet, lovely maureen. Whatever it could happen about this crazy blogging world!
    WE love you…
    (and DM)

  9. ~*~ saskia ~*~

    Je hebt er een hele leuke, inspirerende post van gemaakt, Maureen!
    Laten we hopen dat mevrouw voorjaar snel op onze stoep staat, ik ben er klaar voor.
    Een heel gezellig weekend, lekker veel buiten, doe ik ook.
    Liefs xxxxx

  10. F.L.A.

    Everybody needs a break Maureen… Your inspiration will get back soon, i am sure! Amazing pics and words.
    Have a great weekend

  11. maureen

    awww. it’s just life flow.
    I don’t think you have lost it. It’s there. Look at the photos you created. Look at how creative you are with the stamps. And btw. those stamps? *swoon* they are gorgeous.
    cant’ wait to see what you have for us next.

  12. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    Love your post and photos today and sometimes a little break is needed. The stamp set you have is fabulous.
    Hope that you have a beautiful weekend, dear friend.


  13. Signe

    Sorry you have misplaces your inspiration but at least you brought me some! I need a set of stamps like that!!
    Hugs and see you when you find your inspiration ;)

  14. krys kirkpatrick

    I thought you were getting at….you lost some stamps…I have 7 sets…none complete! But, by your artistic and beautiful well composed and photographed post, you haven’t lost a thing!

  15. Flotsam Friends

    Maureen, in my last post to you I said I wasn’t go anywhere but I am. My Mum isn’t well so I’m heading back to my home town, Brisbane tonight. Catch-up in a week or so. Hope you’re doing OK. Pruxxx

  16. Melissa

    ohhhhh you are tooooo clever….

    i am in love with your little typeset messages!!!!

    and yep to the post parcel…blame that on gorgeous hubster saying he’ll pop into PO and then leaving on work desk for some time!!!

    melissa xx


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