Beach in Lesconil
It’s Saturday evening and
we’re back from our trip to France.
I will share some more photo’s,
as soon as I’m done reading
all the posts on your blogs….
I think I have missed
about 4865
in one week…
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

16 thoughts on “Bonsoir

  1. Lynda

    and that’s only a rough guess??;) 4865, I would take another week of to get through them all!:D
    Hope you had a wonderful time, but’s France….who am I kidding….you HAD a wonderful time….:)


  2. It's me

    Heerlijk Maureen….Frankrijk !!…geniet ven aan heerlijk dag morgen…..enne 4865…..oooo makkie……liefs van mij…xxx…

  3. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    Welcome home and I am sure you had a wonderful time in France. Look forward to seeing your photos and hearing more.

    Happy weekend

  4. Thisisme.

    That photo is a real teaser Maureen! It looks wonderful and I’m sure we all want to see more photos please! Only four thousand odd blog posts to catch up on?! Easy Peasy – you’ll crack that in about an hour!!! LOL! Lovely to have you back by the way.

  5. Kom Achterom

    ooh wat genieten!! wat een prachtige foto!
    en natuurlijk vakantie frankrijk wat wil een mens nog meer!
    fijne zondag

  6. flowers on my table

    Oh my goodness nearly 5,000 posts to read, you obviously can’t go away again!Looking forward to hearing all about your trip Maureen, welcome back. Love Linda x

    1. Char

      BarozziJe vous vois venir. Elle s ‘appelait effectivement Annie, mais pour éviter qu’elle ne subisse des plaisanteries un peu faciles, je ne consentis point à lui donner mon nom.Au fait, quel film sublime que ce film de Cukor, d’une poignante mélancolie. Je ne le vis pas vraiment ce jour là, mais, alerté par les reniflements de l’ouvreuse qui, au dénouement, pleurait comme peut pleurer une ouvreuse sentimentale, c&r duo;est-Ãs-qire excessivement, je revins (seul) le lendemain.

  7. Maaike

    Haha, dat is een hoop te lezen! Hebben jullie genoten? Wij wel; van jouw mooie kussentjes en het lieve hartje! Staat uitgebreid op creJJtion, met veel jaloerse reacties :-).
    Fijne zondag,
    liefs van Maaike

  8. Jane

    Oh, so fab to have you back with us, Maureen. I have missed you! And as for all those posts, I hope you’re going to mark most of them as ‘read’ or you’ll do your head in! J x

  9. Beth

    Welcome home, blogland missed you. Looking forward to catching up with what you did on your trip.

  10. Laura

    A little THANK YOU on my daily post, lovely Maureen…
    You’re absolutely sweet.


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