Handmade Give Away

For the love of everything
I am giving away my
very first ever
sewing project!
Remember last year when I posted about my upcoming sewing class?
Well, I’m done
and I made these…
Yep, that’s right,  I made these cushion covers!
Can you tell I’m proud?
Ok, the truth has to be told….
I had major help (read 60%) from my teacher
and that’s why I ‘m confident enough to give them to someone
who wants to give them a lovely home.
They are made on a fancy sewing machine (you know the ones with computers in them),
the fabric comes from the famous Albert Cuyp Market in Amsterdam
and they have an invisible zipper and are 40 x 40 cm.
{I googled to find out what the inches are, 15.75 inches
and the white cushion is not in the give away}.
I also made two other cushion covers, pink with flowers,
 but those I want need to keep…
You see, I made them without any help, so they go a bit wonky in the lines,
one has a zipper and one closes like an envelope (due to my cutting skills, ahum…),
so they are my reminders of how I started.
I actually like them with all there faults and I will continue sewing.
Yes, I’ve bought myself a sewing machine (not a fancy one),
and she is going to be my new best friend!
Ok, she’s still in her box, I only opened and used her once,
when my teacher explained to me every trick she can do.
I need to make her a proper cover and she needs a name….
Now, about this give away,
if you are interested to win these two Maureen originals (ahum…) cushion covers,
you can leave a comment on this post
a suggestion for naming my sewing machine.
Simple right?
If you want, you can use the first photo to put on your blog.
 I will ask my lovely teenage-assistant to draw a name on Sunday evening.
I’m linking this post with Sarah from A beach cottage
for Good Life Wednesday.
Go and have a look at her blog if you don’t know it already!


Enjoy the day!


* This give away is now closed, thank you for entering. *

36 thoughts on “Handmade Give Away

  1. wendz

    Maureen those are fabulous cushions. Well done you. :)

    They look so carefully and precisely made and the fabric is amazing. You should be so proud of them. Your photography is great too – the light in those photos is beautiful.

    I love that you have a bought a sewing machine – you will get hours of fun and enjoyment out of it.

    As for a name for your machine – hmmm….that’s such a personal choice…if it were me, something like Floss. Or Belle.

    Anyway – have fun getting to know her, whatever you decide to call her.

  2. Jane

    Oh, Maureen, you clever bee! I had been wondering how your progress was faring. What a fabulous effort! I am *so* impressed. I hope to buy a machine too, one day. You can be my inspiration now ☺. Hmm, I vote for ‘Susie’ the sewing machine.

    What a splendid giveaway. I’ll pop your photo in my sidebar, too. J x

  3. Thisisme.

    Hi there Maureen. I see you’ve changed the photos at the header of your Blog! Lovely! I always like photos with shuttered windows. Well, didn’t you do well with those cushion covers. They look really professional! As for a name for your sewing machine – what about Ethel?!

  4. xena

    hello maureen your cushion covers are so lovely and very pretty. the invisible zips are great!! and i really liked the fabric! well done you. you are great in sewing!!!
    very impressive work!!!
    i would say maureen’s sewing machine as the name of your new friend!

  5. T's Daily Treasures

    Yea for you! In about … hmmm… 1989, a coworker tried to teach me to sew. We were doing a log cabin quilt pattern. She told me I had a lead foot. She completed the sewing for me on the log cabin cushion cover. My dad always told me I had a lead foot when I started driving. Need I say more? Sewing is not my forte. I wouldn’t know what to do with a machine. Bravo! Lovely cushions. Now I need to go look at your previous post that I missed but just glanced at briefly. We are having a Sand Day. Ugh! Weather totally stinks. :/ Best wishes, Tammy

  6. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    You cushion covers are gorgeous! well done.
    I love the name Gertrude… that is what I called a really old bike, a dear old Lady friend of my Mothers gave to me when I was young.
    I wish I still had it now, with the old leather skirt guard and do not know where it went.

    Happy Wednesday

  7. Bee happy

    What a lovely giveaway, the cushions are so great! they would match my living room curtains! I like the name Sew Sweet for a machine!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  8. Melissa K @ Lulliloo

    Well done with your sewing efforts Maureen – they look gorgeous! It’s great to hear that you’re going to continue and I look forward to seeing some more ‘Maureen creations’! :)
    For your sewing machine, my suggestion is Sally sewing machine (but I think that is because I’m a bit too fixated on aliteration!)
    Melissa xx

  9. Beth

    Maureen, it’s so generous of you to give away your sewing creations, they look amazing. Now onto the name…I think of sewing as something homely, cozy, almost old fashioned and I think your name should be a name that makes you think of a lovely old aunt, so my suggestion is Gladys!

  10. Maaike

    Hia Maureen, prachtige nieuwe header! En je kussens zijn heel mooi, ondanks alle voorbehoudens die je neemt. En die rits zo weggewerkt… daar heb ik me nog niet aan durven wagen! Ja, ik win ze dus graag.
    Een naam? Mary. Omdat je er straks verliefd op wordt en dan misschien wel mee wilt trouwen :-) en omdat ik ‘Maureen and Mary’s Sewing Adventures’ wel leuk vind klinken!
    Vee liefs van Maaike

  11. Life in the Country Lane

    Oh my!! The cushions are divine. Great job Maureen, good to hear you have been sewing away at some projects. I would love to see the pink cushions. Please count me in for the generous giveaway. My suggestion for the sewing machine is Gracie – the first thing that popped into my head for some reason.
    Rebecca x

  12. Dani

    Liebe Maureen, die Kissen sind wundervoll!! Ich habe des jedenfalls in meiner ganzen “Nähkarriere” noch nie geschafft, einen Reissverschluss zu verwenden.
    Wie wäre es mit einem “typisch” schweizerischen Namen wie Heidi für Deine Nähmaschine?

  13. Blondie's Journal

    I am so impressed, Maureen! I have a machine but have never learned to thread it…long story. I like that you are naming her…so far the best name is Stitch!! Now we have to come up with one for mine!


  14. It's me

    Wat leuk !! oh deze passen mooi bij de rest…..zie mijn post……..enne een naam ???? eh…..Rikketik……..hahahh!!…iefs Ria….xxx…

  15. vintch

    oh my gracious, maureen! how absolutely perfect and beautiful! i am so impressed and a bit jealous–i can’t sew to save my life. you have inspired me, sweet friend!

    i think you should name your sewing machine Moe. This would be a combination of Maureen and sew:) haha!

    your comments always brighten my day, by the way. you sure know how to scatter sunshine!

  16. Kym

    hello ..I have just discovered your blog through the lovely Jane at Planet Baby..and am so glad I did. I love your blog and have become a new follower. I would love to enter your fabulous giveaway and vote for Mavis or Millie as a name for your sewing machine..she just seems like an old friend from an older generation helping us to create. Thanks Kym

  17. Lynda

    HELLOO MAureen!! Leuk dat je bij me langskwam, doe het gerust vaker ;). Het weer hier is niet supergoed maar we mogen niet klagen ;).
    Ik vindt je kussens GE WEL DIG! En wil dan ook graag meedoen! Ik stel voor dat je je naaimachine Mable noemt….”making”and “able”…Mable…:).
    Ik ga een link plaatsen op mijn blog en héél hard duimen!!;)


  18. Melissa

    hello lovely….i have been outa action for a few days due to the aussie visitors….which has been sooooo great!!!!

    your cushions are BRILLIANT!!!!!!
    i would have kept the first ones too…i love all the *wonky* bits!

    i have had the same sewing machine since Ritchie & i got married 17 years ago {yep…i was a child bride ;) }
    i love the good old reliable un-computerised ones….

    a name…a name….betsy??

    love to you all over there- love your getting all mad about fabrics too…if you want any fabric sights let me know….xx

  19. nádya

    I loved your cushions!!! They look perfect and the zipper – bravo! You made great job one can never tell these are your first cushions!

  20. Lisa ~Suburban Retreat~

    Hi Maureen ~ I absolutely adore the fabric on your cushion covers and would love the opportunity to win a “Maureen Original”! How about “Papillion” (french for Butterfly) as a name for your sewing machine as the machine is used for the transformation of thread and fabric into something beautiful, such as your cushion covers. Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. Laura

    Hi my friend!! These are wonderful!!! My poor mum had a sewing machine that she used to name “Macchina Miracolosa”, in italian Miracolous Machine!!
    Love your place,darling!

  22. ~*~ saskia ~*~

    Wat een leuk idee, en wat een heel heel leuke stof.
    Puck vind ik wel klinken!
    De foto’s zijn vorig weekend gemaakt, toen was het heerlijk lente weer.
    Welterusten xxxxx

  23. The Paper Mulberry

    Gorgeous cushion, most impressed with the zip! I think, considering all the hours you will be spending on your new machine and imagining it as it speeds along – then tangles just at that crucial momnet, breaks down and clogs (yes I’m speaking from experience!!) that you should name it DARN as you may be calling it’s name often! Happy sewing! Warmest wishes – Glenda xxx

  24. the fishermans cottage

    Hi Maureen, love your cushion, well done, I find making things for the house so rewarding.. I find myself staring at them all proud of myself, I know i’m strange like that :).. anyway the name I came up with for your new sewing machine is, Rosie.. a favourite flower of mine x

  25. LindyLouMac in Italy

    These are far too nice to give away but having said that I would adore to give them a home! How about Maureen’s Muse (as you are learning so much)

    Have a good weekend my friend.

  26. Rocio

    I discovered your blog thanks to Crejjtion.
    Those cushions are great. I love the fabric!
    Regarding your sewing machine I would call it something like “Happy sewing”.

  27. Chuzai Living

    I love the pillow case you made! So cool!! Too bad I didn’t know about it when it was still going on and I’m happy for the person who got it! :) Stitch is a lucky one to have an owner who can make beautiful items like this pillow case! :)


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