Little rebel

Besides my mama duties,
this is what I’m doing….

I’m trying to help Ingrid
{I: ik ben bijna klaar met m’n stukje…}
The little rebel in me shouted,
And before I knew it, the knitting pens were out….
See you tomorrow?!
{if these knitting pens haven’t killed me by then…}

15 thoughts on “Little rebel

  1. flowers on my table

    Goodness Maureen what is happening to you over there, sewing, planting, painting, knitting!!! Is there no end to your creative exploits? Have a lovely time, love Linda x

  2. Het Bovenhuis

    Wat een heerlijk berichtje Maureen! Ik voelde hetzelfde gevoel opborrelen en moest eraan toegeven :-). En wat een mooie kleuren! Ik lig al onder de brievenbus :-).
    X Ingrid

  3. Jill

    Look forward to seeing the end result, love the colours! haven’t forgot the magazine Coast it will be on its way to you.

  4. Life in the Country Lane

    A girlfriend has just taken up knitting, I so thought she wasnt the knitting ‘type’…but it seems this is what everyone (well a lot) is doing. Its apparently relaxing and destresses the mind! Love your bench – a great find. Loving the direction you are taking with your blog – enjoyed reading ‘the talk’. Have a great week.
    Rebecca x

  5. Laura

    I absolutely can’t do it..but I’d like you to pass by me! Need your positivity!

  6. Thisisme.

    Wonderful colours! I wondered what you meant by knitting pens!! We call them knitting needles over here! We shall expect to see photos of the finished item!!

  7. Melissa

    hey you….now you’re just showing off!!
    you’re a secret Martha Stewart!
    i think you are cleverly brilliant…and are they really called knitting pens!!??

    hugs hon
    melissa xx


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