Parade of Homes

This week many new people have found my little corner here
in Blogland, so a very warm
to all my new readers!
{by the way, if you haven’t enabled your blog profile I can’t go back to visit you…}

This is where I mostly sit to blog, my old table,
from Marktplaats (the dutch version of craigslist)
 which I painted white years ago.

It’s covered with a plastic lace tablecloth for now,
 because the paintbrush and the table need a date again…
So this a tiny peek into my house,
but have you seen this?

Twice this week I read about a

Where have I been?!
A peeping tour in houses and I didn’t know about it?
I love having a look in other homes!
Thanks Jami and Tammy for this great link!
And there is more to see when you go to the 2010 tour…
Oh boy, I have some reading to do,
but it will have to wait until tonight.
Because the sun is out here and my little sidekick for the day is a
cute little girl and we have very important things to do
(it involves a swing).
So go and have a look at 
and enjoy the wonderful homes!
Have a great weekend!

13 thoughts on “Parade of Homes

  1. Sarah @ Modern Country Style

    Do you know what I love? *Your* home!!! It’s so airy and bright and pretty. I can imagine sitting there with you drinking a lovely cup of something warm and cosy and having a good old chinwag.

    Wouldn’t that be perfect?


  2. T's Daily Treasures

    Hi Maureen, I love that you are showing us bits and pieces of your life and home now. The Parade of Homes is so fun. I can remember me and my brother going with my parents to show homes and my brother would eat the candy from the jars in the kitchen. I always wondered how it had been sitting there. :/ But he didn’t care.

    As for the envelopes, they glue together quite nicely. Some magazine pages are sturdier than others. I actually received one of these envelopes through the mail from Canada. It was reinforced with tape but it made it here and I was quite shocked. I juse use these to give small gifts of tea and chocolate to friends, perhaps with a little quotation tucked in or a little something crocheted. My aunt has even used outdated calendars to make envelopes and she mails them out in the States without a problem. Just put a sticker on the front for the address and you are good to go. I would put mine inside another envelope before mailing since anything from here has to go through hell to get where it’s going. :)

    I think we could have a good chat at your kitchen table. Enjoy your day and the tour of homes when you kick back tonite! Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Stitchfork

    What a pretty spot to write your blog posts from Maureen! Enjoy the swings with your sidekick and have a fun-filled weekend!

  4. wendz

    That’s a beautiful room – the light is wonderful.

    I’m currently painting furniture white – I went through a phase of wanting lots of colour but now, well now I want the colour balanced by white.

  5. Thisisme.

    I agree, that looks a lovely spot to write your blog posts, especially looking right out to the garden. Very pretty. It doesn’t look like a plastic tablecloth from here – I thought how lovely it was! Hey, is that a chandelier I can see peeking down ?! How cool is that! Have a lovely weekend and I hope that the sun is shining over there for you.

  6. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    Great to see where you sit at the lovely table to blog.
    What a beautiful table and area and it is neat to see little peeks into your wonderful home.
    Have fun on the swing with your sweet sidekick and have a fabulous weekend


  7. Laura

    Wow,Maureen,darling! Your place is dreamy. I don’t know why, but I exactly imagined it this way!!
    As sweet as you are!
    Kiss you,enjoy your weekend!

  8. Jane

    Ah, Sweetie! So pleased to see you shedding some light onto the ‘Maureen mystique’. Bring it on, my friend. “More”, they cry, “More!”. J x

  9. Beth

    That looks such a lovely place to blog. Right this minute I am in a very uncomfortable spot as the battery on my ipad has gone dead and I’m stretching to type with the charger in! Maybe we should all do a “where do you blog” post and photo shot…? Hmm that’s an idea?
    Love the peak we got of your chandelier.

  10. xena

    great to see your house and the lovely creative work you have done i must say this is the most creative and beautiful blog i have ever visited.!!! keep posting !!!


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