Rachel Ashwell ~ Shabby Chic

Rachel Ashwell is the woman behind the brand Shabby Chic
and she is bringing out her newest book in October 2011!
 I love her style and for some time now I wanted to introduce her to the people who don’t know her.
I first heard about Shabby Chic when we where living in Texas.
 She had a show on tv and  from the moment I read one of her books
I was instantly hooked.
What I love the most is the way she uses her fleamarket finds in her styling.
And with her love for her two children, attention to details, old jeans, the beach,
her English accent, slipcovers, roses, soft colors combined with white, fleamarket tips,
what can I say,
 I became a Shabby Chic lover!
I’m not a designer kind of girl. Most of the times,
I just like someones work but I’m not really interested in the person behind it.
But with Rachel it’s different; I admire her strenght and her insight as a designer.
 Maybe it has something to do with her move to a different country and starting a business.
Maybe it’s because she raised her children as a single parent,
or the way she gracefully handled her business in public after filing for bankruptcy protection,
rised above it and even managed to open a B&B,
I don’t really know why,
but I know I truly love her work and her as a person.
Some years ago, I was in Malibu and I went to her store.
Seeing the Shabby Chic brand come to live was amazing.
I strolled for an hour, talked to the staff, (they all said how sweet she is),
bought some items and I was hoping that I would bump into her….
She wasn’t there but a few months later, I met her in Paris on a trade fair and I acted really stupid….
{oh my god, you’re Rachel Ashwell!!}
 As if she didn’t know it herself….sigh….
I blabbed the whole time, sweat dropping down my back,
I couldn’t believe she was standing right in front of me. Honestly, my mouth….
But she didn’t mind and she was really sweet!
So if you are looking for Shabby Chic inspiration,
visit her stores and Target sells her brand too,
have a look at her website,
visit her beautiful blog or you can
go here and order her books with great photo’s in them.
As for me, I already have all her books,
and since my birthday happens to be in October,
just when her new book comes out,
I know what I’m going to ask for my birthday gift….
{sweetheart, are you reading this?}
Enjoy the weekend!
photo: via Amazon.com

13 thoughts on “Rachel Ashwell ~ Shabby Chic

  1. Blondie's Journal

    What a great story! I think I would be having the same reaction if I were to meet Rachel! I have all of her books and this is news to me…a new book!! How wonderful! She and her books have really influenced me in the style of my home. I can’t wait for more inspiration!

    Thanks for a great post, Maureen!


  2. It's me

    Wat een mooie banner zeg heb je !!…mooi boek ook !!…ben helemaal vergeten je give away op mijn blog te zetten sorry…….is bijna over nu……zal het nooit meer vergeten……hele fijne avond liefs van mij….xxx…

  3. Thisisme.

    How lovely that you finally got to meet Rachel! Did you say, “OMG, I’m your biggest fan!” LOL! I think most of us would have been just the same on meeting someone we really admired. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Maureen.

  4. Lynda

    ik zou een mailtje met je link naar je Lief sturen, je kunt het maar beter gezegd hebben;)!
    Ik ken Rachell wel, althans…..van “het merk”dan he……ik snap wel dat er HEEL veel mensen gecharmeerd zijn van haar stijl en ik zie ook wel dingetjes die me aanspreken, maar voor mij persoonlijk mag het IETS stoerder….maar hee……wie ben IK om Rachell advies te geven he;))) wat goed is moet je goed laten!!

    Lekker weekend!!

  5. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    How wonderful that you got to meet Rachel ~ great story.
    I have her last book which I love and I might have to get this one too.
    Thanks for telling us about this and I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend


  6. Rozmeen

    ja vind haar ook heel goed… probeer altijd stijlen te combineren om het niet heel erg zoet te krijgen maar ze is een geweldige bron van inspiratie voor mij…en haar prachtige kussens met ruches..om te smullen :-)

    Liefs en een fijne zondag,

  7. Jill

    Hi Maureen
    Love her too, and her books are divine. Haven’t forgot the magazine Coast, but we are all packed up now so it will be a few weeks until you get it!!!
    have a fun week.

  8. KarenSue

    Rachel should be paying you for advertising! I’m afraid I would act the same way, I’m sure she loves it.
    Enjoy your week~KarenSue


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