Un, deux, trois


We have Easter holiday so I’ll make this a short post.
The sun is shining and we all are home today so the computer has to take a backseat.

Yesterday, before everyone is leaving for their holiday destinations,

we had an early egghunt. I always enjoy seeing little kids searching for
those brightly colored eggs in the grass, right in front of them. Too cute. 



Remember when I started knitting again?
Well, my little rectangle rebel made it to Ingrid
and she attached it to the streetlight outside her house.
I think this is a great way to brighten up the street!
33 people entered my give away and I was flattered that you all liked them so much!
The winner of my two handmade cushion covers is:

Congratulations Maaike!
If you could send me your details in an email, they are all yours.
Also, I had so much fun reading the names you ladies suggested for my sewing machine!
I debated between three but in the end I really like
The girl behind the blog Tuur came up with this cute name,
so if you want, drop me an email with your details, I have something for you.
Thanks for helping me out!
Now, you may be wondering why I am counting in French….
I will tell you in my next post…
Enjoy the day!

(and dear Blogger, when is the Google reader follower gadget coming back?)

photo nr.2: Het Bovenhuis

14 thoughts on “Un, deux, trois

  1. Maaike

    Oh wauw, wat een geluksvogel ben ik zeg! Ze zijn prachtig en krijgen een warm Amsterdams thuis :-). Volgens mij passen ze perfect bij de blokken-deken die ik nu aan het breien ben… spannend! Nou, dat wordt een hele avond met grote smile op m’n gezicht :-)

    liefs van Maaike

  2. Tuur

    Wat leuk …stitch..de juiste naam.
    mail is onderweg zeer zeer benieuwd

    Maaike van harte gefeliciteerd!!

  3. Thisisme.

    Love the new name of your sewing machine – Stitch! Now why didn’t I think of that!! LOL! Dang, I’ve missed out on the cushions. Ah well, I shall keep trying.

  4. flowers on my table

    Hi Maureen, just loving the street lamp jacket, now wouldn’t that cheer you up on a dull day. I havn’t visited in a while so I’ve been browsing through your posts. Love your cushions you made…fabulous, and the lovely items you got from Coast Road. Love your new banner, its gorgeous, so chic! It’s nice to see where you sit and write so that I can picture you there.Congratulations on your awards! I hope I havent forgotten anything, goodnight and God bless, Linda x

  5. Melissa

    hi gorgeous gal…love the name stitch and looove that street light!!
    have a lovely time holidaying…and send me an email when you have a moment…got Audrey’s pressie- she sends you big almost- 6 year old thankyou smootches and hugs galore….

    melissa xxx

  6. Chuzai Living

    I love that you actually wrote down all the names and drew one. Very crafty!! I like the name Stitch, too. Very cute. You must be excited about your trip to Bretagne. Bon voyage et bon vacance!


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