A cozy little post….

A rainy afternoon….
yep, that’s today….
Our sunny and very warm weeks have come to an end for now,
people are talking about relief and nice weather….
{my eyes are rolling upwards hearing these comments…}
While it’s raining here on the streets, for some it’s raining in their daily life….
So sweet Brenda, because you are on the other side of the ocean, 
and my arms are not long enough to give you a big hug personally,
this little quote came in my mind while sitting here,
thinking of you and watching the rain fall down…..
Life isn’t about waiting
for the storm to pass,
it’s about learning to dance 
in the rain…

{I made it yellow, my tiny pick-you-up for you}

8 thoughts on “A cozy little post….

  1. LindyLouMac in Italy

    What a lovely quote for your friend. I know everywhere in Europe seems desperate for rain,but we are going to a wedding this weekend so please send some sunshine. :)

  2. Cozy Little House

    Through my tears of gratitude, I thank you. I am blessed to have you, my friend across the ocean. Because we learn that sometimes we feel the loneliest even though someone lives in the house with us. I don’t feel alone anymore. I’m glad that post got put out there now, even though I was horrified and felt sick when it did. Because it brought me so much closer to my dear friends, whether they be in the next city or clear across the ocean. I send you a virtual hug for the virtual pick-me-up you created for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. Thisisme.

    You’re a lovely friend to have Maureen. I love that quote about learning to dance in the rain. I hope that Brenda will be cheered by it.

  4. flowers on my table

    You are such a lovely kind person Maureen, bless you! I love to dance in the rain, and love the movie “Singing in the Rain”. Thanks for your comments, think I better stop going on about Pinterest now! Love Linda x

  5. Blondie's Journal

    I love this quote, Maureen!! It IS a pick me up! I hope you feel happy when you read it.

    Sorry I haven’t been by in awhile…vacation, spring chores, a lot of events… and more to come! But I am thinking of you! :-)


  6. T's Daily Treasures

    Hi Maureen, I think Brenda knows by now she is not alone. Sometimes we must go through the storms to come out better on the other side. I have no doubt she will do just that! And your cheery little message certainly helped to brighten her way. Best wishes to you and yours always, Tammy

  7. Maya @ Completely Coastal

    Hi Maureen, just wanted to let you know that your cool sand sign is posted on this weekends coastal mix, click here to check it out. If you wanted an “I’ve been featured button” you can grab it my sidebar -replace the URL that goes to the blog with the post URL, so that it will link to the post where you are featured.

    Have a great weekend!


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