Beach time

Daydreaming is one of my favourite things to do.
In fact, I do it all the time, especially dreaming about how it would be to live in a seaside town….
Because I love the beach and everything about seaside living.
The salty air, the sound of the ocean, sand between your toes, the sea gulls flying over your head…..
Rain or shine, I love going to the beach.
Even in winter too, walking in wellies, a warm coat with a colorful scarf and a knitted hat,
walking away those cobwebs and finishing with a hot chocolate with whipped
cream or a warm fresh baked fish….

But I prefer going to the beach when the sun is shining,
mostly at the end of the day when people are leaving and the evening sun is sparkling on the water….

And it’s not just me, sweetheart and the girls love the beach too.
Whenever we are there, the girls don’t want to leave.
So last time, besides the usual playing with sand, looking for crabs between the rocks and so on,
I wanted to  make an easy peasy crafty little keepsake with the sand from the
French beach we visited in the Easter holiday.

 I took a Pritt stick (glue pen) and paper with me and just wrote something with the glue on the paper.
{don’t forget it can dry easily so do this in steps}
Dab it on the sand and voilà, you have an instant text or drawing with the sand from your holiday.

Another thing we love to do is looking for shells.
I always try to have a little plastic container in the beach bag,
so the shells are protected during the hustle and bustle at the beach
and carrying back home in the suitcase.

And when you come home from a lovely holiday, it’s nice to have something, besides
all the photo’s, that you can touch and it will bring back memories….

Yes, daydreaming about living near the beach….sigh….
Hopefully some day it can become a reality.

Like I’ve said before,
Life is a roller coaster,
so who knows where the next loop will take us….

Enjoy your day!


25 thoughts on “Beach time

  1. Beth

    Snap! We also have a shell collection from beach visits here in Australia and New Zealand. I’m thinking of doing something with them, maybe sticking them on a canvas? Love your sand idea Maureen.

  2. Claudia

    What a nice and simple idea your beach painting. That I will certainly do so again. But what I see now, just a comment in Dutch from Ria, is it wrong or is there something I have not converted at your blog yet?

    1. Lakesha

      I remember how similar the rejection was, Jodi, to the ones I was receiving (still am). Guess no on17&82e#;s invented a better way to say it. Thanks for reading. You can send me garter snakes any time. :o)

  3. Kom Achterom

    Ha Maureen,
    Ooh heerlijk de zee! Ik heb er zin in!! helemaal nu ik jou foto’s zie! We gaan over 6 weken naar ameland dus nog even geduld! hihi
    fijn weekend

  4. flowers on my table

    Love your sign Maureen, and your jar is just gorgeous. We love the beach in our family too, there aten,t too many shells on our beaches, just pebbles and a bit of driftwood, so we collect those instead. Congratulations on winning your award from “Southams Darling” blog, very well deserved. Much love Linda x

  5. Thisisme.

    I love the beach, and have actually been beside the seaside today. YAY!! I love that idea of yours to make the sand sign. How clever are you?! I also collect shells from wherever I’ve been in the world, and, also, pebbles in different colours. I then varnish them when I get home. It’s always a lovely reminder. By the way, please pop over to my blog as there is something there for you!

  6. Laura

    Hi honey…as you already know, I live 50 meters far from the sea…and it’s my daily wellness gift!
    I’ll send you a picture of the view from my bedroom, sooner or later…if you’d like to see it, of course!!

  7. EvaMarie Sa

    It’s a lovely dream, dreams do sometimes come true :)
    I do love your photos, could almost feel the warm sand under my feet. There’s something fascinating about the sea, the salty scent, the various shifts of the sea :-)

  8. Flotsam Friends

    Hi Maureen, you are so right (your last comment) who knows what’s around the corner… Yes, where would we be without our memories of the beach. It’s the smell that always grabs me first. When things become overwhelming it’s amazing too how just looking into that blue/green water can put everything into perspective. Love your little sign, what a wonderful idea. Your glass jar is awesome too. How pretty do those shells look? Pxxx

  9. Laura

    Please coooooome!!!!!
    Rome waits for you…and so we do!!!
    Oh, it would be wonderful, Maureen!!!!

  10. Draffin Bears

    Dear Maureen,

    What a sweet post and love the shells and lovely beach painting you did.
    And yes, always neat to be able to dream!

    Hope that you have a wonderful weekend

  11. T's Daily Treasures

    Such lovely memories and mementos of a wonderful holiday. Last week I felt like I was on a rollercoaster that didn’t want to stop. Some days are just so crazy busy! Thank goodness for the weekend. But it’s almost over. :/ Hope you are having a good one. Tammy

  12. Natasha

    Oh Maureen, this post was just wonderful! I think you know how much I love the beach so I loved your brilliant ideas. Even though it is winter here I think I might need to visit the beach very soon after seeing this lovely post!

    Hope you have had a great week and best wishes for a beautiful weekend.

  13. Happy Homemaker UK

    Maureen, this is just lovely and so heartfelt. I adore your craft – my kiddos would just love that & so easy to do! We do collect shells & other nature things for our special bowl – it has followed us through the moves & I love that.

    Thank you for linking up to Post Of The Month Club! Have a great week XOL

  14. Robyn

    I love the beach and the sound of the waves. My bathroom is filled with shells and stones I have collected along the way-incase I foret where they are from , I write in pencil inside the shells.
    What a beautiful blog! (From Laura’s link!)


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