big and beautiful

i’ll have to whisper, because it’s the middle of the night here….
no capital letters, they make the most noise, or so i have heard….
i’m on my way to bed, but I just walked around my newest favourite past time….
remember i’m hooked on pinterest.
in one of my old dutch magazines, vt wonen, i already saw this gorgeous photo wallpaper…..

i love big and beautiful black and white photo’s…

and now i stumbled upon this picture again on pinterest….
naturally i had to share this…..
i love photo’s of my girls and this one is a super idea…..
if you want to see more super duper things, i made a link on the right side….
just click and it will take you to pinterest land….
oops, my eyes are almost sleeping….
but my mouth,…. sigh…. she’s never tired…..
still, i have to say one more thing…..
can’t say it too loud, so come a little closer…..
{thanks so much for reading along while i babble away & for all your lovely and encouraging words…}
{and a warm welcome to my new readers, so glad you like coming here…}
have a lovely weekend everyone, my bed is really calling me….
see you soon,


photo: vt wonen

14 thoughts on “big and beautiful

  1. Thisisme.

    I read you post in a whisper, and I am typing this very quietly, so as not to wake you. I think I mentioned before that a lot of people of talking about Pinterest right now. I have been over, and must put some time to really exploring it properly. Have a relaxing weekend.

  2. It's me

    Hello….hoi hoi….wakker in de nacht ???hmmmm…..mooi hoor dit behang…….heel fijn weekend meis ! liefs van mij…xxx…

  3. LindyLouMac in Italy

    Have a lovely weekend, I had a quick look at Pinterest but have decided not to get involved as I want to spend less time online not more :) I can be strong and resist I hope!

  4. T's Daily Treasures

    I bet you had sweet dreams after your tour of Pinterest last nite. What a lovely backdrop that is. I can see doing this with vacation photos. How lovely that would be. Hope you have a fabulous Friday! Tammy

  5. Beth

    Lovely image you posted Maureen, but like Lindy I am resisting Pinterest at the moment – I get so lost in blogland and can spend too long browsing when I should also be in my bed (it’s almost midnight as I type this). I fear that I will never get any sleep if I click…
    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. flowers on my table

    Hi Maureen, love the wallpaper! Have been over to your Pinterest account and it is most interesting as I look at your personally selected images I can learn more about you. I see that you have a thing, as I do, for cosy little nooks and built in beds! Interesting, I wonder what that says about us? Have a wonderful weekend, and do try to get some sleep! love Linda x

  7. vintch

    i just discovered pinterest after an invite from a friend. such a fun site! i LOVE that wallpaper:) you are such a stylish friend and have the most inspirational finds! off to check off your account!

  8. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    Love the sweet photo of the girls and wonderful having it as wallpaper.
    Nighty night and have a good sleep


  9. Amanda

    I’m whispering, but I figure as it’s now Monday, maybe you’re up and at ‘em again. Love this photo Maureen, and I love the charcoal and soft pink in this room too. I’ve been too scared to delve into pinterest. I just know it could be the straw that breaks the camels back – if you know what i mean! Hope you had a lovely (quiet) weekend.


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