Did you know….

….that I like to make lists?
Yes, I’m a list maker.
Mostly on paper but always first in my head.
So for the love of lists, here goes…

* going on a family holiday with no tv and computer is very relaxing

* especially when there is sunshine and a beach

* French bakers don’t mind if you ask to take a picture of their macaroons

* even if it’s in your poorest school French

* combined with pointing to the camera in your hand

* actions like this will make eyes roll upwards

* not mine, but from other people standing next to me

* read: sweetheart and our oldest daughter

* I was completely deaf for things like
“Mama! what are you doing?”
and “Maureen! have you never been in a bakery before?”

* I asked, shot the picture and smiled

* later I ate a lot of them

* my pants are feeling slightly tighter
* I really like France

* even managed to shop a little

* strolling in small fleamarkets in tiny villages

* vintage buttons and ribbons where calling my name

* walking in super cute French home stores is dangerous

* two new cushions can easily fit in an already full suitcase (thanks to sweethearts packing skills)

* and there was even extra room for breakable must haves in my handbag

* I didn’t even notice the rolling eyes next to me

* what I did notice was that Easyjet has seven letters

* and Exit has four

* I like to count things, as I have mentioned once, when I’m bored

* I wasn’t bored during the flight, I counted because the plane started hopping around

* planes are not made for hopping

* hopping is Maureen language for turbulance

* just so you know
* we had to travel on The Royal Wedding Day

* yep, when Catherine was taking a deep breath before she walked down the aisle,
we where putting everything in the rental car

* all the way home I wondered about her dress

* after travelling with a car, an airplane and two trains, I finally saw it

* it was beautiful

* so was her sisters dress, gorgeous

* although tired from travelling for 8 hours, we sat together and watched the wedding in the evening

* on a tv…. that thing we didn’t miss the entire week

* speaking of weddings, she is having hers this summer, I’m really happy for her

* weddings = love

* love = hearts

* hearts = my favourite shape

* I received one, from my sweet sister in law N.

* it really made my heart sing!

See you soon!

21 thoughts on “Did you know….

  1. Blondie's Journal

    Wonderful post and pictures of your visit to France. I would be taking a lot of pictures and have my husband completely embarrassed!

    I’m so glad you had a nice time and also got to see the repeat of the beautiful wedding!


  2. Life in the Country Lane

    I am a list maker too!!! And I count things and memorise numbers!#?**Good to know Im not the only one. I love making macarons, but eating them is even better. I hate flying because of the up and down, so stare at the front and stay focused on one thing. You cant have too many cushions either. Love the pics and thoughts of France are made even better by hearing about your trip. Great post Maureen. Enjoy your week.
    Rebecca x

  3. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    So glad that you have a wonderful French holiday and were able to come home with some lovely things.
    Thanks for showing us your gorgeous photographs, the macaroons look yummy.
    Love the sweet heart.

    Have a happy week

  4. It's me

    Wat heerlijk meis…even er lekker helemaal uit……zou ik ook zo graag willen….sjuchtttt…we gaan maar weer werken……liefs liefs Ria…xxx…

  5. Maaike

    Wat een mooie foto’s, mooie tekst en wat een lief superlief linkje naar mij! Dankjewel. Veel mooie, lieve, fijne en zachte hartjes terug aan jou,
    liefs van Maaike

  6. flowers on my table

    It looks really beautiful where you went on holiday. Oooh those macaroons mmmm.Glad you managed to fit in a little shopping too, its lovely to have a reminder of somewhere you enjoyed being.How lovely of your sis-in-law to give you that heart.Love Linda x Have you got to the bottom of your reading list yet?

  7. Jane

    Oh, Sweetie, it sounds like you had a fabbo time. Lucky you. Sigh. Once day I’ll return…J x

  8. Beth

    Thank you for sharing those lovely photos. I enjoy this kind of a list much more than a to-do one!

  9. LindyLouMac in Italy

    Another list maker here also! I can manage without the TV or computer but would never be happy without my camera. I bet you were thinking of your blog though when taking photos :)

  10. Thisisme.

    Wonderful photos for us to look at today Maureen. You obviously had a super holiday. I love France as well, and those macaroons look delicious.

  11. Laura

    How sweet are you?????????
    Herts and hearts and hearts again….
    I adore this shape as well…Thanks one more time for your sweetest gift to me!

  12. Carmel's Closet

    Oh – what a wonderful place. Love your pictures. I’m glad you continued to photograph the macaroons, undeterred by the protests – I experienced the same on our recent holiday. Lots of eye rolling and sighs.
    Glad you enjoyed your holiday.
    PS – Lists rule.

  13. Melissa

    we are again, a perfect match….

    i knew you were a list gal…
    some *extra-last-minute-goodies* can ALWAYS fit into a travel bag somewhere…
    french bakers are the best for having their *bits* photographed!!

    gorgeous photos…shall we meet in france?
    i’m needing another fix…desperately….!!
    there is nothing like a little bit of french village life to put your own in perspective again!

    love…melissa xx
    p.s- the voices of husbands & children can be quietened by leaving them outside of said macaroon shops in the future- works for me! xx

  14. wendz

    Mmmm…those photos are wonderful. I love France so so so much and I miss living there – especially when I see blog posts like this. :) Glad you had such a good time.

    We are planning a trip to Normandy – to the D-Day beaches – next month. Must get looking for a gite.

  15. Amanda

    This is the nicest kind of list. And it certainly sounds as though you had such a fabulous holiday, rolling eyes, hearing problems, tight pants and all! I’d say it was well worth it! Nice to have you back though too. xx

  16. T's Daily Treasures

    It really is lovely to get away and enjoy a new culture and environment with none of the noise and technology of the day to pull us away from the moment. I get the same eye rolling and exlamations from my family. Even yesterday, I was trying to take some pictures and asked hubby to stop the car and my oldest was saying I could pull pictures off the internet. I told him I wanted to take my own pictures thank you very much! Hope you are having a great day. Tammy


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