Let’s dance!

The weather here has been so good these last weeks, 
the sun is shining, birds are singing and
I’m dancing
while doing housework…
Yep, while my butt was shaking and my voice was humming with the beat
{I don’t sing well to say the least}
I did laundry while a neighbour walked by and smiled weakly {to me? at me?}, 
well, it doesn’t really matter, 
it was a smile.
Naturally I thought,
smiling is good for the soul,
let’s spread this tiny little tip with the rest of the 

That will be you I believe…..
If you are doing something that involves this,
wouldn’t you rather do it while singing and dancing?
Or would you prefer to watch paint dry while waiting for the clothes?
I didn’t think so, not you girls!
{And yes, I know, you don’t wait for the clothes to dry, just making a point…..}
So let’s have some fun!
click on this link here,
or if you prefer another dance hit,
 click on this link here,
shake your booty,
sort those clothes
Dancing is so much fun!
With or without neighbours walking by….

See you soon!
{mmmh,….I can’t believe I showed my washing on the internet…. but it’s worth it if at least one of you smiled… xx}

10 thoughts on “Let’s dance!

  1. Laura

    There’s nothing else to say..I guess you read my mind, darling..I adore you, simply adore you! I dance and smile with you,girl!

  2. T's Daily Treasures

    I keep putting off the housework. My washing machine is dancing right now but I am watching The Today Show and blogging and crocheting — not all at the same time. :) Hubby is on a business trip to Sri Lanka while we are surviving temps of 108. So glad it is the weekend. Hope your day is great! Tamy

  3. Jill

    Hi Maureen
    you are right when you sing and dance all chores feel a little better, whats so wrong with showing your washing on-line!!!!

  4. Thisisme.

    When I’m doing the ironing, I always have the music on really loud and bop away to my hearts content! Woop Woop! I can leave comments again. Thank goodness for that.

  5. Flotsam Friends

    Totally right Maureen. You go for it! You do us proud… I’m terrible, I do a little washing, a little folding, then alot of blogging!! Then I wonder why I didn’t finish anything… Have a happy, fun Friday. Pxxx

  6. flowers on my table

    Thanks for that Maureen, enjoyed the Beyonce no. My 3 year old neice has to dance when that song comes on. I once was letting my hair down, singing my head off and dancing round the kitchen, when I looked up, there was the window cleaner just smiling…help! Thanks for repinning me! Love ya, Linda x


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