Mama heart

Our little furry Mackenzie had to spend the night
in the animal hospital for surgery….

No barking when people past our fence,
no standing right behind my ankles this morning
while I made breakfast….

My mama heart hurts…

Without her it’s been very quiet,
so I hope she may come home today and we will take it from there.

I will be back soon,
if you haven’t seen me over at your place
I will try to do so this weekend.

Have a good day everyone
and thanks for taking the time
out of your day to come over here
and read my blog.


16 thoughts on “Mama heart

  1. It's me

    Achhhh…ik hoop dat het allemaal mee valt en dat ze vandaag mee naar huis mag !! sterkte meis…..liefs Ria….xxx…

  2. Thisisme.

    Oh, I’m so very sorry to hear that, Maureen. Do hope your little boy gets well very soon. Mackenzie is just adorable, and so cute. Love the photo!

  3. Beth

    Pets are such important members of the family aren’t they? I hope Mackenzie is soon back to his barking, ankle standing self soon.

  4. Sherri B.

    It is hard to have our furry family members in the hospital, we miss them so. Sometimes it is best for them to stay so the Vets can get a good handle on the problem. xo

  5. Lynda

    ach gossss ja, een dagje zonder je dierenvriendje is altijd ZO vreemd!! Hoop dat ze mee mag en dat ze lekker snel opknapt!!!!!


  6. vintch

    oh gracious! praying HARD for you! sick pets are the worst, because they are truly dependent and sweet. keep us updated on her status, sweet friend!

  7. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    So sorry to hear about your sweet little MeKenzie and hope that he is back home with you and wishing for speedy recovery.

    Happy weekend


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